Pretty Darkness

Katy moved away after a family horror she masked her old wild life style behind the personality of a deceased but when the opportunity of extreme popularity rises within her grab her secrets came out life became twisted and fate happened and this time pretty darkness isn't as sweet as it was before.

One Direction have finished their 2013 world tour . Everything relaxes and fans congratulate the boys but now fate is involved and life becomes twisted.

why can't the pretty darkness solve everything

life will continue well the lives that are left ..


3. lunch


i walked straight into the pub and sat at our reserved table. Soon after Kathy walked in and sat down she smiled at me and grabbed the menu .

After about half an hour our meal was on the table and the chat was becoming fun.At the end of our meal at just before we were to go back in we decided one glass of wine wouldnt hurt . So four glasses later we chucked our stuff in Kathy's car and walked in to another bar. i slipped out my fake ID and slid it onto the bar whilst ordered our bottle of wine and paying the poor bar tender.

It was around 2pm once we decided to go back to her flat and get ready to have a small movie night with some wine and ice cream . 

Once home we freshened up and pulled the two double quilts off the beds and threw them on to the sofa.I pulled four wine bottles from the fridge (left over from and engagement party or something). We emptied the movie draw on to the table. 

"BO !"


"I need more ice cream . Are you coming to the shop ?"

"Oui Oui moi friend (slightly french :L) "

"Quick then grab my keys from the bowl in the kitchen"

I walked through to the kitchen and sat at the breakfast bar waiting for Kathy to get changed.

After 10 minuets she was ready . Her lilac hair was wavy just over her shoulders , in high waisted leggings  a small crop top and vans she actually looked stunning!!

We ran down the stairs and into her small fiat 500 and sped down to the local shop.


* Ice cream




at 3.30pm we were back at her flat freezing the ice cream and debating on what to eat for tea we had radio one full blast and pranced round the kitchen to the chart toppers. It was 4pm and chicken curry was being deliver so i slipped into the shower.


whilst i waited i lit some candles turned the radio down and picked a film  - The Lucky One. I opened a white bottle and poured a fair share into each glass. 

The door bell rang and i ran to the door . Slightly tripping over Bo's quilt and paid for our meal. Dishing up and shouting that Bo should hurry up . 

Finally at 5pm we snuggled down popcorn between us and pressed play.


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