Pretty Darkness

Katy moved away after a family horror she masked her old wild life style behind the personality of a deceased but when the opportunity of extreme popularity rises within her grab her secrets came out life became twisted and fate happened and this time pretty darkness isn't as sweet as it was before.

One Direction have finished their 2013 world tour . Everything relaxes and fans congratulate the boys but now fate is involved and life becomes twisted.

why can't the pretty darkness solve everything

life will continue well the lives that are left ..


4. Flight

Zayns POV

It was finally time to hop on our plane home to London ! It was the last night of the tour last night and today we spent traveling to the airport !

As our luggage was loaded we took our seats and clipped our belts up plugging in our headphones and turning the lights out.Snuggle down into my duvet i sent one last text to my mum and closed my eyes. 


*I slightly opened my eyes to see Niall shouting in my face*

"Zayn are you okay ?"

"Urm yes mate i'm okay"

"good you did that thing were you shout and wiggle round again"

"i had that dream"

"C'mon man . What dream."

"Its nothing im fine"

That dream wouldn't go away . I could of stopped it . He She WE urgh i just cant . I won't talk about it.

12hours later ... We landed now just to push threw these girls and to our bus . This could be torture a this time at night . They shouldn't be out . Its not safe .

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