Pretty Darkness

Katy moved away after a family horror she masked her old wild life style behind the personality of a deceased but when the opportunity of extreme popularity rises within her grab her secrets came out life became twisted and fate happened and this time pretty darkness isn't as sweet as it was before.

One Direction have finished their 2013 world tour . Everything relaxes and fans congratulate the boys but now fate is involved and life becomes twisted.

why can't the pretty darkness solve everything

life will continue well the lives that are left ..


5. AS Final




"Its 1am you need to get in bed now we have an exam"

"Okay okay give me chance"

I slunk back into my bed and snuggled down closing my eyes .

*click the flat door shut*


I know its early and unsafe , but i need to walk this panic off. I cant sleep like this and its my final exam tomorrow. It was something past one in the morning. As i sat in the park opposite my block of flats i i heared a vast amount of screams coming from around the corner - somewhere near to the airport. I ignored it until four or five men ran past me threw the park.

It was him its was no . Wait his eyes he looked at me I knew who that was . As he ran past a pouch of tabacco fell from his pocket i walked towards it picked it up and shouted after him . There wasn't a reply.I walked round the edge of the park with it in my hand and back up to my flat i put the pouch on my bedside table and fell into my bed.


7am - Woken up with breakfast in bed ! AS FINAL AHHHHHHH 

i hurried around revising my final notes boasting my knowledge finally i was sat in my car with Bo waiting to turn the keys and drive to the collage of arts .



7pm - Home . My exam lasted almost 10 hours it wasnt to hard im not sure how i did.Bo was going to her parents or somewhere tonight and wasn't free so i sat on my sofa turned MTV on and thought through my past few days. That's when i remembered Zayn it was him his pouch is in my room i picked it up - almost full - there wasn't a number in it though so i guess i best tweet him.

@zaynmalik @onedirection - You ran past me this morning . dropped a full pouch i have it on my coffee table.

I don't expect a reply but at least i was decent enough to tell him.

@KittyKathy - Thanks . Im still in London can you drop it round - I can't get out . 

@zaynmalik - Course follow me and DM me the address. 

I got to the hotel - nearly 300 hundred screaming girls were surrounding the main entrance i did as followed and slunk round the back and knocked at the fire escape 3 repetitive times it opened and i was quite litterally pulled inside.

"Kat it is you . I knew  it !"

"Kathy actually here it is"

"Kathy sorry . I thought I thought you were dead."

"I know you did - so does everyone else."

"Please come and hang with me the other won't mind"

" I - I . Okay then but its late i need to get back and eat and sleep"

He took my hand and pulled me upstairs.I sat on his bed as he locked the door and shut the curtains.He pulled me in tight and asked me what really happened.

"After you know . well the media wouldn't leave me alone and the people they were still free so i was 'killed' in a car accident . i haven't contacted you - I'm not allowed.So i have been living here under the name Kathy i go to the collage of arts - perusing our dream."

"That' great Kathy. But i wan't to see you again. It might be dangerous but lets get to the station or something and see what we can do to change this."

"please another day . I just sat a 10 hour art exam - street art within fashion - our dream is hitting the market "

" Really . If i pass and If they continue interest in my portfolio then yes"

After nearly 3 hours 

"Zayn i need to go . I haven't eaten and i need to be back at my flat"

"Stay here"

"Zayn its breaking the rules - the paps might catch us together then what ?"

"Then what . Well they won't because you are staying here and when we leave for an interview you will be let out a few hours later when they have left for the studio"

"I suppose so"

So i stripped and pulled on a T-shirt and got into bed Zayn had gone into the other rooms - trying to act non suspicious if the boys find out , it could be the end. So i slept.


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