That Loser

I'm such a nerd. A loser. No one likes me. People at every school think I'm just this ugly stupid nerd. My dad has a job transfer about every year. I have no friends. Then of a sudden 5 boys want to be my friend? Then one guy wants me? Will they use me? Will they just want to make a fool out of me? I'm probably just a loser.


4. The First Day of School

   Pre-algebra was okay. I was new and everyone was staring at me, like aways. Second period goes by, and then third period comes. I sat in the middle right next to a cheerleader and a guy with a leather jacket on and curved back hair. He was attractive. I doubt it that he would talk to me . He looks like a guy who would be popular. I guess he was talking to his friends. I was actually staring at him longer than I thought.

"Hey new girl." I turned around and found out that the cheerleader was staring at me.

"Um... Hi?" I said. 

"You will never get a chance with him," she smirks, "he would never date an ugly anorexic girl like you."

I wanted to start crying. She called me anorexic. It was just like the other schools I went to. I probably had a couple of tears but no one saw. Third period started. 

"Everyone, there is a new person in our class today. Hannah? Could you please stand up?"

I hesitated but I knew I had to stand up. I heard some giggles and whispers when I stood up.

"Treat her nicely today okay?" the teacher said.

But I knew that wasn't going to happen. I heard whispers the rest of the period. And then I knew rumors would start.

Third period finally finished. I went to my locker to put up my stuff. Lunch was next. I walked alone hearing people talking about me. 

I got to the cafeteria and got my lunch. There was a lot of people in the cafeteria, but luckily I found an empty spot in the corner of the cafeteria. I had pizza today with a Dr. Pepper. No one really noticed me. That was good. 

"Hannah!" I looked up. Of coarse it was Harry. I was actually happy to see him. He came over with his friends. I saw the four other guys with him. All of them actually were very attractive. And one of them was the guy who I was staring at in third period. I then got nervous.

I wiped my mouth with a napkin and said "Hi." softly.

"Hannah, meet my best friends, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn." Harry said.

"You sit next to me in third period!" Zayn said.

"I see you know Zayn?" Harry asked.

"Kind of... He's in my third period class and I sit next to him." I explained.

"So how was second and third period?" Harry asked.

"Second period was boring. Nothing really happened. And well third period wasn't that fun." I said quietly. I really didn't want to tell them what happened before third period.

"And why wasn't third period fun?" Zayn asked.

"Well.... this girl... she called me ugly.... and anorexic..." I felt my eyes puffing up and I knew I was about to cry. I covered my face with my hands.

"Who's this girl?" All of them asked. I sounded really, really mad.

"It was that girl. In my third period class. She was sitting next to me. That cheerleader." I said while crying.

"Courtney! That bitch." Zayn said.

Meanwhile the boys were talking, I was crying.

"Umm. I'm going to the restroom. Be right back." I said.

While I was walking to the restroom, everyone was staring at me. Laughing, whispering. I went to the bathroom and fixed myself up. A couple of minutes later I went out and was fresh. I walked back to the lunch table. I lost my appetitte so I threw away my lunch. When I came back, some of the boys weren't there.Only Harry, Louis, and Liam.

"Where did Zayn and Niall go?" I asked.

"They went to talk to her."Liam said.

"Why would she say that?" Louis asked.

"Because people think I'm ugly. And I actually am" I said.

Harry took my hand and held it. "Look. You are beautiful." Harry looked into my eyes.

His beautiful green eyes stared into mine. His hands fits in mine like it's made just for me. But I quickly went back into reality. Liam and Louis were laughing.

"Umm. Thanks." I said, "Yeah. I'm gonna go."

"What period do you have next?" Louis asked.

I checked my scedule. "I have Athletics."

*Authors Note*

Hi guys! I hope you like my story so far. Leave a comment, a like and become a fan of me for an update on the fan fic! Thanks! ily guys! <3


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