That Loser

I'm such a nerd. A loser. No one likes me. People at every school think I'm just this ugly stupid nerd. My dad has a job transfer about every year. I have no friends. Then of a sudden 5 boys want to be my friend? Then one guy wants me? Will they use me? Will they just want to make a fool out of me? I'm probably just a loser.


10. The Double Date

   The week went by, no one actually talked about the soccer incident. Which was really strange to me. No one even made fun of me or anything. But it was finally Friday night. That means I'm going to Pitch Put Play with Zayn, Perrie, and Harry. So I just went to go get ready. I just wore Abercombie and Fitch jean shorts, and an American Eagle top, with my converse. I decided to put my hair up into a nice messy bun since I didn't want to do anything really special. Right when I was about to slip on my sweater, there was a knock on my door. I looked at the time, it was 5:30, they were early. I opened the front door to see no one but a little box left on the doorstep. I picked it up and closed the front door behind me as I was walking upstairs to my room.

Since I was waiting for them to pick me up, I opened the box to see what was in it. I only saw a CD case with a CD in it. I took the CD and put it in my laptop.

And then I saw a video of Harry. Harry flirting with a blonde haired girl.Of course she was way prettier than me. I knew he was flirting by the way he was touching her and his facial expressions. So he was lying the whole time. He used me. He didn't even like me. I knew this was gonna happen someday. I knew he used me. Somewhere inside me there's that feeling.

So I didn't want to go to Pitch Put Play with them but a few moments later, Perrie called me. I answered the phone.

"Hi Hannah!!!" Perrie said excited.

"Hey Perrie." I said.

"Oh my gosh I'm so excited for the double date! It's going to be so much fun!" Perrie yelled.

I was about to tell her I wouldn't be going but, I didn't want her to let her down since she was so excited. I decided just to go.

"Yeah it's going to be awesome!" I said.

"Oh my gosh yes! Oh and by the way Zayn, Harry, and I are on the way to pick you up! We're all so excited!!!" She screamed.

"Okay I'll see you in a little bit. Bye!"

"Okay bye!!!"

And the phone call ended.

While I was waiting, tons of thoughts were in my head. I couldn't think straight. A couple minutes later, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see that it was Harry.

"Hello beautiful." Harry smirked.

"Um. Hi.." I said.

He pulled into me, trying to kiss me, but I took a step back. Harry was confused. I broke the awkwardness by saying, "Let's go." And then we walked to Zayn's car.

I sat in the back seat with Perrie and Zayn and Harry were in the front.

"Hannah!!!" Perrie screamed and hugged me tightly.

I hugged back. "Hey," I said, "How are you?"

"I'm doing awesome," she answered, "how about you?"

"I'm doing fine." I said. And then Zayn drove us to the place. While we were in the car, Perrie and I were talking about school and the soccer incident. About 10 minutes later we arrived.

I opened the car door and stood next to Perrie to avoid Harry. We walked into the place and saw an arcade,a bar, and tons of people. And outside was mini-golf, bumper boats,and go-karting. 

"Hey I'm gonna go use the loo." I said.

"Okay!" Perrie said.

I walked to go and find the restroom. I walked in and saw no one in there. I didn't really need to go so I just washed my hands. I looked into the mirror and a rush of thoughts went into my head. Was I that ugly? Did he really use me? I finished washing my hands and walked over to Perrie.

"So what are we doing first?" I asked

"Go-karting!!" Perrie screamed.

I couldn't help but laugh. "Haha Okay."

Meanwhile I was with Perrie, Harry was talking to Zayn. I kind of eavsdropped.

"Zayn. Hannah's acting really weird..." Harry explained, "she didn't let me kiss her."

"Well maybe she wasn't in the mood." Zayn said.

We went to the go-kart place and got into our own karts. We were lined up next to eachother and raced.

"On your mark. Get set.... GO!" the man said.

I kind of got  head start but it didn't help. Although I was really good at racing, someone got in front of me. I moved to the side and tried to go in front of them, but the person moved to the side too. I tried different tricks to get in front of the person, but it didn't work. In the end, the person was in first place and I won second. I looked to see who it was, and of coarse, it was Harry. We walked back to the building and then Harry put his arm around my waist to push me into him. I tried not to look at him but he was right in front of me.

"That was a close game." Harry's raspy voice said. He leaned in to kiss me but I pushed away.

"Not in public. There are people here." I said making an excuse.

Then I walked over to Perrie. 

"What was that?" Perrie asked.

"We are in public so I don't think it's appropriate to do that here." I answered.

"Okay." Perrie said acting suspicous.

A little bit later Harry said he had to use the loo. So we waited for him. I walked around the building just to look at the arcade games. I looked up and saw Harry at the bar flirting with a girl that worked there.It looked like the girl in that video. I couldn't stop staring at them. But Harry had an angry face at her. They leaned in to kiss. His lips onto hers. I couldn't watch it so I ran out of the building into the parking lot. I cried so much. I didn't know what to do so I called a taxi and went home. Then I had to text Perrie.

Me: Hey I had to go, something important at home. I got a taxi so don't worry. 

Perrie: Okay sorry to here that!

Me: Haha It's okay! Have fun though!

I got home and paid the taxi. No one was home. Haley was probably at a friends and my parents are at work of coarse. I just ran upstairs and cried on my bed. I just couldn't believe that he would do that to me. I decided to call Niall and asked if he could come over.

"Hello Love!" Niall said.

"Hey Niall, can you come over?" I said between sniffs.

"Okay sure! What's wrong?"

"I'll tell you when you come over. It's kinda complicated."

"Okay I'll see you soon bye." And then we hung up.

As I waited for Niall to come over, I layed in bed crying my eyes out.

The doorbell rang and I walked downstairs looking like crap. I opened the door.

"Hannah! What's wrong? You look... Like that" He pulled me into a hug.

We walked to the sofa and sat down. I explained everything to him.

"Hannah I'm sorry he did that."

I put my head onto his chest. "Did he just use me?" I started tearing up again.

"Shhh. Don't cry." He wrapped his arms around me.

"Thank you. For being here for me." I said.

"Your welcome love." We stayed like that for a while. I almost fell asleep.

Soon, Niall had to go home. We hugged for the longest time ever.

"I'll see you Monday." He smiled and walked to his car.


I hoped you liked this chapter. School starts tomorrow for me so it will be hard writing more. But I promise I will write!!! Leave a comment, follow, and vote/favorite this fan fic for more! Thanks for reading my story!!!~ Hannah xxx.




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