That Loser

I'm such a nerd. A loser. No one likes me. People at every school think I'm just this ugly stupid nerd. My dad has a job transfer about every year. I have no friends. Then of a sudden 5 boys want to be my friend? Then one guy wants me? Will they use me? Will they just want to make a fool out of me? I'm probably just a loser.


8. Monday at School

   The weekend went by and I had to go back to school. All weekend I was thinking about the date Harry and I went to. I had really fun. When I'm with Harry, I'm always happy. Something about Harry just makes me smile. I got up an got ready for school. Today I just wore hollister skinny jeans with a T-shirt. I brushed my hair and walked downstairs to get breakfast. Then I grabbed my backpack and drove to school. I always get to school early so I went to the cafeteria. Luckily, Zayn and Niall were in the cafeteria too. I walked to the table and sat down.

"Hey!" I said.

"Hello love!" Niall said.

"So I heard you met Perrie!" Zayn said excitingly.

"Haha yeah. She lives like a block away from me so we'll hang out a lot." I said.

"So now we can double date." Zayn smirked.

He knew I went on that date with Harry. Crap. I didn't want anyone to know.

"How do you know?" I said panicked.

"Hannah. Everyone knows. Harry couldn't stop bragging. And I heard about your kiss with Harry." Niall smirked.

"Oh god no! Now people are gonna call me all different types of things." I said.

Zayn patted my back. "It's gonna be okay. We'll protect you." Zayn smiled.

I looked up and saw Harry coming towards us. He waved

I waved back.

"Hey babe!" He sat down next to me, put his arm around me and kissed my cheek.

"Hi." I have to admit, I blushed a little.

"So how long have you been here with Niall and Zayn?" Harry asked.

"Not that long really. I heard you told everyone were dating now." I glared at Harry.

"I'm sorry! I just was so happy I'm with you now.!" Harry pecked my lips.

"okay whatever. It's going to be your fault when I get named called!" I said.

"You'll be okay with me. I won't let anything happen to you." Harry smirked.

Then the bell rang. Harry and I walked to my lockers so I can put my stuff up and get my other stuff. We walked into first period and sat right next to each other. And of course people were staring and pointing and whispering about me holding Harry's hand. I just ignored it I guess. We both walked to our seats. More whispering and pointing. Then the bell rang and class started. During class, Harry and I were passing notes since we didnt want to get in trouble.

Harry: Hi babe :)

me: Hi :)

Harry: Do you wanna hang out after school?

me: I have soccer practice. Don't you?

Harry: oh yeah I totally forgot! I was just thinking about you all the time. :)

me: Haha thanks babe. ;)

Harry: I love you. :)


Later on first period ended. Then second period ended. I walked to my locker to get my books for third period. When I closed the locker Harry was on the right of me. Before I could say anything, he slammed me into the wall. One hand on the wall, one hand around my waist. 

"Harry, what are you doing?" I asked, "There are people staring at us."

"I don't care if people stare." Harry's raspy voice said.

Then he pulled me into a passionate kiss.I then slowly wrapped my arms around Harry's neck. I couldn't resist so I kissed back. His plumped lips into mine, it was amazing. Then he tried to slither his tongue into me. I wasnt ready to so I blocked my entrance with my tongue. He then pulled away from me.

"Playing hard to get?" Harry asked.

"Maybe." I said. I looked over Harry's shoulder to see everyone whispering and laughing. 

"Harry, they're laughing at me." I was about to start crying but I had strenghth to suck it up.

"Don't even care about them babe," Harry says, "they're just jealous of us."

I smiled and then hugged him. He always makes me special, and I loved it.

"Okay I gotta go. I'll see you later." Harry pecked me on the lips and walked off to his next period class.

I walked into third period class to see almost everyone staring at me. I guess they saw me kiss Harry? But then they went back to talking to the people around them.

I walked to my desk. I started talking to Zayn since I know no one in the class. A couple of minutes later, the bell rang and class started.

During class, zayn sent me a note.

Zayn: Hey are you and Harry doing anything on Friday

Me:I'm not doing anything I don't think. I don't know about Harry though. Why?

Zayn:Well, Perrie and I are going to this place called Pitch Put Play and there's mini gold, bumper boats, go karting, and an arcade. So I was thinking we could do a double date!

Me: That sounds pretty cool! I want to go! I'll ask Harry if he wants to go to! Thanks for inviting me!

Zayn: Haha your welcome!

We then talked about my date with Harry on Saturday. Before we could finish the conversation, the bell rang. I told Zayn i would see him at lunch and then walked to my locker. While I was putting up my books, I felt someone wrap their arms around me.

"Hey beautiful." a raspy voice said. And of coarse it was Harry. I felt soft kisses on my neck. It was so soft and smooth, I loved it but we were in school so I had to stop him. I turned around and put my arm around his neck.

"You can't do that in school babe." I whispered.

"But I like it!" Harry said making an innocent face which made me giggle.

"Let's go have lunch." I said.

We walked to the cafeteria, Harry's arm around my shoulder. We passed by people, and their reactions were gasps and whispering. I just shook it off. I turned around to see the other boys behind us. We got to the cafeteria and had lunch


I changed into my soccer clothes and walked out to the field. Today we played games with our teamates. Everyone was staring at me. And while we were playing, everyone was pushing me harder than other times. I just shoved it off. Until I was about to score the last point but one person on the other team pushed me so hard, I fell to the ground. My head hit the ground really hard. But not hard enough to injure my head or anything. I had to sit out though. I had an ice pack to my head. I looked like a weirdo. Once the game finished, practice was over. I walked to get my bag and felt a tap on back  I turned around to see it was the girl who pushed me.

"Umm. Hi?" I said.

"Hey look I'm sorry I pusheed you."  she smirked. It didn't sound or look like she meant it.

"Whatever. It's fine." I said.

"Okay so if it's fine, I can do this?" She said and then she shoved me.

I turned to her and said, "No that's not what I meant. So you can stop now." I said.

She shoved me again. "How about no?"

"Look I don't wanna cause a fight." I said.

This time she pushed me the hardest and I fell to the ground again.

"Hey!" A voice from behind me walked up to the girl, "Why would you do that?"

I looked up to see all the boys ganging up on the girl.

"Guys you don't have to defend me." I said.

While the other boys were giving the girl the lecture, Harry helped me up.

"Babe are you okay?" He paniced.

"My head kinda hurts." I said, "Why did she push me?"

"I din't know. But the boys are takng care of her." He says.

I started tearing up. I don't know why but I just broke down.

"Babe. Don't cry." Harry said to me quietly.

I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly. I put my head into his neck because I didn't want people to see me cry. I only felt comfortable with Harry.

"Harry... Can I come over?" I asked quietly.

"Sure babe." Harry's lips touched mine for a few seconds and then he picked up my stuff and we walked to his car.

"What about the boys and my car?" I asked.

"The boys will come over later and I'll take you to your car before you go home." Harry answered.

I got into Harry's car and we drove over to Harry's house.



Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting! I was with family and school's about to start. But I will write more don't worry! I hope you like this chapter! give it a like a comment and favorite it if you thought it was good! Thanks loves!






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