That Loser

I'm such a nerd. A loser. No one likes me. People at every school think I'm just this ugly stupid nerd. My dad has a job transfer about every year. I have no friends. Then of a sudden 5 boys want to be my friend? Then one guy wants me? Will they use me? Will they just want to make a fool out of me? I'm probably just a loser.


7. Friday Night

   Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday have gone by. School was normal, same thing as always. Of coarse people still talk about me. At least not in front of me.

Today at school, I think everyone knew about me going out with Harry tonight. No one really talked to me about it but, I heard whispering about Harry and I. I just hope my family won't find out. 

After school, I went home and finished my homework. Then I just watched a little T.V. I got bored with T.V so I went out skateboarding. I went around the neighborhood and checked out the people there. Then I accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" I said.

"Oh it's okay! Hi I'm Perrie!" she said.

"I'm Hannah! Nice to meet you!" I shook her hand.

"So your not around here. Did you just move here?" Perrie asked.

"Yeah I moved in Sunday. I live like a block away!" I said

Perrie lead me to her house.

"So what school do you go to?" Perrie asked.

"I go to River Oaks. How about you?" I asked.

"I go to Memorial High! And I know a lot of people that go to River Oaks! Like my boyfriend." Perrie says.

"Who's your boyfriend? I might know him." I said.

"Well. His name is Zayn." She smiled.

"Yes I know him! He's one of my best friends! Well one of my only friends." I said.

"So how did you meet him?" She smiled.

I told her how I met Harry and then how he introduced me to the boys and how were all best friends in school.

"I'm also really good friends with the boys also haha! We should all hang out somtime!" Perrie says.

"Speaking of hanging out, I'm going to see a movie with Harry! Oh gosh sorry I hae to leave!" I say. 

"Oh it's okay! Here's my number! Text me all about it!"She handed me a piece of paper with her number on it.

"Okay see you later!" I ran out of her house and skateboarded home.

When I got home it was around 5:00 PM. I ran upstairs and changed into a teal high-low dress. I curled my hair and put a little makeup on since my parents won't know. I walked downstairs and waited for Harry to pick me up. It was  around 5:50 so he was probably on the way

Five minutes later the door bell rang. I walked up to the door and opened it.

"Hey!" I said.

"Wow. You look gorgeous." Harry said. He was wearing skinny jeans with a plaid shirt with brown leather boots.

"Oh uh Thanks! You look good yourself too." I said.

"So we should get going." Harry smiled.

We walked out to the car and Harry opened the car door for me. Harry turned on the engine, and we headed to the movies.

"So how was school this week?" Harry asked.

"It was same as usual I guess." I said.

"Trust me, when you get used to it, it's going to be fine." Harry said.

"Hey! So I met Perrie today!" I said.

"Really? How?" Harry asked.

"Well I was skateboarding around the neighborhood today, and I bumped into her while skateboarding." I said.

"Well it's a small world after all!" Harry chuckled.

We then arrived to the movie theaters.

"Okay so what movie do you want to see?" Harry asked.

"I don't know.. Oh! How about Paranormal activity 3 it looks scary and I wanna see it." I say

"Okay. 2 tickets for Paranormal Activity please!" Harry said, "Okay let's go get food also."

We got popcorn and drinks. While we were waiting for the movie to start, I got really nervous. I've never seen a scary movie at the theaters ever.

"Umm Harry.... I uh, I-I i'm getting scared....." I stuttered.

Harry chuckled. "It's going to be okay," he says holding my hand, "if you're scared,you can hug me." Harry smirked.

The movie started. I held his hand very tightly.

During the movie, there was a scare jump so I technically flew into Harry's arms. He giggled and wrapped his arms around me.


The movie ended and when I walked out, I was so scared.

"That movie," I stuttered, "was so s-scary." I held Harry's hand tightly.

"That movie was nothing." Harry said, "So you wanna go out and get ice cream?"

"Yeah that would be nice." I said. We droved to the ice cream parlor.

We walked in and got ice cream.

"I'll have cookie dough." I said.

"And I will have mint chocolate chip." Harry said.

We got our ice cream and sat down. We talked what seemed to be 10 minutes but it was like 2 hours. It just was so much fun talking to him. I felt like I hae a person I can talk to whenever I want to. Time flew by and I had to head home.

Harry drove me home. It was pouring rain.

"I had so much fun today. Thanks so much for taking me out." I smiled.

"No problem love" Harry smiled.

Harry pulled up to my driveway.

"We should do this again." I said, "I had so much fun."

We were at my front door now. The rain was pouring on us.

We were staring into each others eyes. His green orbs were so beautiful. I just couldn't stop staring at them.

But as soon as I  thought, his plump lips pushed into mine. I put my arms over his neck and brushed through his curly hair. Kissing him felt like forever but it didn't last that long.The rain drops fell on our face while we kissed. Finally we pulled away.

"I'll see you Monday." Harry hugged me and walkedback to his car and drove away.

I walked inside the house and smiled so big. I might of let out a little squeal. It was around 10:30 when I got home so I went upstairs and changed into my pajamas and layed in bed thinking about tonight.


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