That Loser

I'm such a nerd. A loser. No one likes me. People at every school think I'm just this ugly stupid nerd. My dad has a job transfer about every year. I have no friends. Then of a sudden 5 boys want to be my friend? Then one guy wants me? Will they use me? Will they just want to make a fool out of me? I'm probably just a loser.


5. After School

   School ended. The rest of the day no one really talked to me. I was in a class with Niall and Liam. And another with Louis. We didn't really talked. Just said hi because it would be awkward. Buut after school I had Athletics. I play soccer for the school. I changed into my soccer stuff. Soccer jersey, soccer shorts, shin guards, knee high socks, and cleats. I put my hair up into a pony tail and walked to the field. I saw different girls. Some were in my classes. And of coarse they were whispering to each other. We stood in one line. The coach is just like any other coach, she makes us work our hardest, she screams, etc. Meanwhile we were practicing, there were the boys practicing on the other field. Some of the girls were staring and whispering.Probably like any other girls.

"Alright ladies, quit staring! Get back to work!" Coach said.

I really love soccer. I'm very competitive. Sports are my life. It's how I express myself. We finally got to play a a fake soccer game. I was forward. I would say I was one of the good ones on the soccer team. We played until soccer practice ended. Finally it was 5:00 and practice was over. I took my soccer bag and got a drink of water. I started walking to my car. 

"Hey Hannah wait up!" I turned around, and of coarse five guys are walking right behind me.

"So y'all play soccer too huh?" I asked.

"We love soccer." Niall says.

"So you play soccer too." Harry smirks.

"Yeah. It's kinda my life." I smiled.

"So what are you doing tonight?" they asked.

"Nothing really. Just gonna go home, and do homework." I said, "why?"

"Well were going out for pizza. We were hoping you might come!" Niall answered.

"Okay. I can do that. But I should go home and take a shower and change." I said while scratching my head.

"Okay we'll meet at 6:30 then." Liam smiled.

I waved and walked away to my car.

I drove home and when I got home, Haley was in her room doing homework and watching TV.

"I'm home!" I shouted.

"What are you doing?" Haley asked.

"I'm gonna take a shower and go out and eat pizza." I answered.

"Can you get me some?" She asked.

"Okay. I'm gonna go shower." I said.


I blow-dryed my hair and turned on my curling iron. I changed into hollister jean shorts and a tank top. then I curled my hair and put on my vans and walked down stairs.

"Hey I'm leaving!" I told Haley.

"Okay. Hey Mom and Dad will be home around 9:00 so get home before 9:00!" Haley yelled. "And get me pizza!"

"Okay thanks!" I said.

I walked out to my car and drove to the pizza place.

I walked in and saw the boys sitting at a table with one empty seat.



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