Dragons: Good or Bad?

When I first set myself the challenge to write a poem based on Dragons, the first thing that came to my mind, was this stereotypical idea of the fire breathing, flying, type that eats everything. So I decided to try and portray in my poem the idea of some Dragons being the opposite. I decided to open the poem with the view that everyone holds, then develop it to suggest the idea that they can be tame.

The other thing I thought of when I was given the theme 'Dragons' was that I related it to children, and all those children tales with damsels in distress and knights in shining armour. So I decided to try and craft this poem aimed at children.


1. Dragons: Good or Bad?

Fire breathing

Cattle eating,

They soar down from above.

Inhabiting caves

Keeping human slaves,

These are all things they love.


Small ones,

Big ones,

They’re just as scary to me.

With their huge sharp teeth

They’ll eat all your beef,

And maybe you for tea.


But they’re not all bad,

And I think it’s sad,

This stereotypical view.

They may look like evil,

But modern or medieval,

They won’t all eat me and you.


Their scaly spine,

The way their eyes shine

Can be awfully misleading.

Swimming in the sea,

They can scare you and me,

Especially when they’re breeding.


Dragons are good

Or so I’ve understood

Although some can be ruthless.

Especially those

With no nose and no toes.

But most of all Dragons that are toothless.

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