The Inbetween

So, You all know about Julie Kagawa's Series the Iron Fey? Well, i wanted to something with it. Maybe same settings, same characters, but different story. Not Megan Chase. I just want to try something out with this. And maybe it's starts with girl named Alice.


6. Wyld Wood

 The scent of trees and leaves filled my nose as scratchy braches scratched my back. I opened my eyes. Where am I? I sat up quickly and my head hurt REALLY bad. And where is that damn cat. I looked arounnd and suddenly realized I wasn't in Maidu Park anymore. I was in the Wyld wood. Where dangerous creatures can kill you at any moment. I stood up and my legs where killing me. Oh god. Where is that stupid Winter Prince. My eyes searched around for silver eyes and black shiny hair. Nope he isn't here. But he is where my brother is. Puck. I missed him even though I met him for only 4 hours. Or 2 I don't even remember but it seemed like a lifetime. Well if I can't find that damn cat I am going to walk UNTIL I find him. I walked and a creatures howled and foot steps ran along the forest. This hike isn't going to be good. I am not alone. 


It seemed like days but I don't even know, the sun hasn't been up. What a strange world to be in. A bush shuffled in my left. I looked and walked up towards it. Purrs escaped the bush. Grimalkin? I knocked the bush to the side and found a cute little white cat with bright glowing blue eyes. Awwwww. "Hello little kitty cat what are you doing all alone." I bent down to pet it. but instead of meowing like a cat usually does it snapped at my hand. It was only an inch away when I pulled my hand back. It then grinned sharp knife like teeth. Oh god. I began backing away slowly when it crawls quickly back to my feet snapping at them. I picked up my foot rapidly when it almost bit one of my toes off. Well i got to go. I ran towards a clear trail leading to the unknown. At least it's a way to stay alive and get not chomped on by a small cat. I ran and ran and always looked behind to see a white cat somehow growing bigger and bigger. I flipped my head one more time and saw that the cat was now a grown white lion with bigger and more teeth. I shrieked in horror. My legs almost gave out. I have been running for ages. C'mon Alice run That's all i have to do. Put the tiredness away. Suddenly my legs had a shock of adrenaline rush and I ran faster than I ever did before. I looked around me. This isn't good. The trail was getting smaller and trees loomed over it. Branches and leaves snapped at my shirt and pants. I looked behind me once more time. The cat lion opened its mouth and roared making my hair fly backwards and a long tongue grabbed my legs and yanked me back. I flew back and yelled for Puck. I am totally dead. No doubt. I will die where no one can find me in the depths of WyldWood. I tightened my eyes shut and heard a flapping wings and a loud caw. I opened my eyes and saw tons i mean TONS of black birds snapping and screaming at the large cat. The tongue let go of my legs and I crawled behind a fallen tree. The birds ripped off skin and fur and I swear I saw an eye in there somewhere. Ugh I felt horrible blood poured everywhere and flaps of skin flopped onto tree branches. I turned my back and shut my eyes. Soon I heard nothing. Utter silence. No birds No cats nothing. I looked back and leaves swirled silently around flaps of skin and the skin dissapeared into thin air. What? How what? I stood and looked around. Where are the birds? Where is the cat? Huh... Weird. 

"Now that was AMAZINNNNG!!" I heard a familiar voice scream behind me. I jumped forward and turned around. A pair of emerald eyes gleamed happily at me. Puck. 

"OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED. I was sooo worried." I hugged him tightly. 

"Well I found Ash no where to be seen and thennnnn the sun came up for some odd reason since its the beginning of December and thennnn the ice melted and theeennnn..." I cut Puck off.

"Okay Okay I'm hearing and THEENNNN." I laughed with him. 

"C'mon sis. I am going to take you to MY home. Not the cats stomach.'' Puck wiped his mouth. Oh he just reminded me of that scene. I replayed it in my head. Gross. 

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