The Inbetween

So, You all know about Julie Kagawa's Series the Iron Fey? Well, i wanted to something with it. Maybe same settings, same characters, but different story. Not Megan Chase. I just want to try something out with this. And maybe it's starts with girl named Alice.


8. Return of Ash

I choked on my tea. Ash was going to kill me. I widened my eyes. 

"Mab will suck all the sweet powerful glamour around you and in you and you will die." Puck widened his eyes himself. Why did this have to be. Why why why..... 

"So I would like to thank you for saving me" I chuckled as well as he did. "If you weren't there to throw that dagger at him I would be dead." I smirked at him.

"Actually.. That all was you. Your the one that did that weird thing with your fist."He looked at my hand. He took quite the fall." Puck sipped his tea. I nodded. Something on the roof thudded. Oh I hope that isn't Ash. I am getting paranoid. Puck cocked an eyebrow at me and went to a flight of stair that I didn't know were there. He went up. 

"A boogam." I heard a window close. Boogam. What the hell. "Going to the bathroom. Dont get your self killed." I heard Puck yell. I sighed and drank my tea. I looked down at the empty cup. God this was good. I felt warmness in my tummy. I smiled smug. Walking towards the sink I heard footsteps as if someone was going for a walk outside. Don't worry Alice. Probably another..Boogam what ever the hell that is. I washed my dish and sat down on a couch in the living room across from where we were sitting. I sank down in the seat and almost fell asleep. It was SOOO comfortable. Until...Someone knocked on the door. Huh wonder what it is. I walked towards the door. Should I open it....Nah I shouldn't. I started to walk away when the door knocked again. I stopped. I am going to open it. When I turned the knob the air around me felt cold. I didn't open the door yet, it shouldn't feel like this...Ash.. I walked away from the door. Shit  left it open. I started to walk back towards the door when the door slowly crept open. Ebony hair fell across the winter prince' face. His dark silver eyes mocked me with fright. The house was now half covered with snow. This is what i get for opening a door. My feet ran for me. I ran upstairs but something grabbed ice cold grabbed my foot and yanked me down frozen to the floor. I looked down. Seemed to be a block of ice. I looked up to Ash. He smirked at me. 

"Think you can run away from me?" Ash walked towards me and yanked the ice off my ankle and put a new patch of ice to both of my hands. I felt like a prisoner. 

"PUCK!!" I yelled but another block of ice crossed my mouth. My nostrils flared as I tried to get air. 

"Puck can't hear you, you little peasant." He kicked my stomach and knocked the air out of me. Ash's cold hand grabbed my arm and picked me up dragging me outside. I fought and fought but it was no use. He was way stronger than I am. Ash was lean, not buff but not at all like a twig. He was...perfect. However no, I will never fall for a guy such as cold as stone. I let him lead me outside to the horrendous forest of Wyld wood. We were quite the distance away when he threw me on the ground. My back and legs ached. "Get up and walk. We are going to Queen Mab and winter territory." He smirked. I will die. My body couldn't get up. I was weak and helpless. I couldn't take anymore. Ash frowned and grabbed his sword from his hip and pointed it at me. I widened my eyes and tried to get up once more. I failed and fell back down. "Get UP!" Ash dashed the sword on my legs. I shrieked but the ice blocked my sounds. I got up and limped with him. God he is such a pain in the ass.

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