The Inbetween

So, You all know about Julie Kagawa's Series the Iron Fey? Well, i wanted to something with it. Maybe same settings, same characters, but different story. Not Megan Chase. I just want to try something out with this. And maybe it's starts with girl named Alice.


7. Kill me

My brother walked me not far from where he found me. His house was a little cottage. It looked just like the snow white cottage has been. Weird. 

"So, where is that fat cat huh?" Puck nudged my elbow. 

"Eh somewhere... when i got here he was no where to be seen." Where is he? All the sudden a big flash white light then boom he is gone. I cocked an eyebrow to myself. Puck opened the little wooden door for me and let me in. Nice little place. but it reminded me too much of snow white. The cupboards looked like them and the sink faucet worked like in the movie. Soon enough little deers and bunny rabbits will be bouncing around whistling and cleaning. Puck sat me down around a wooden table while he went in the kitchen.

"Tea?" Puck yelled without looking at me. 

"Yea uh Do you got Yorkshire?" I nipped at some wood that was coming off the table. 

"Who wouldn't. I would only go in the human world to get this." He shook the kettle full of water. Puck turned on the stove and put in a Yorkshire tea bag. I smiled to myself. Maybe I can live here with Puck. He could kill that little Winter twat and then we could live in here brother and sister. Yea that would be wonderful. 

"SO do you think my "parents" know about all this?" Puck nodded. 

"Yes indeed. My mom wanted you to get away from everything and everybody of Never Never, Tir Na Nog, and WyldWood. So she sent them to Remuflio." WHAT THE HELL?

"REMUFLIO? That's his name? So he did lie about every single thing to me." I chew the inside of my mouth." Puck sat down while I stood up. 

"No no no. He lied everything to you to save you. My mom wanted to save you. She knew i could handle myself when she had you. But you were a baby. So Remuflio was a friend of hers and he looked human." The kettle started to go mental and started to scream. Puck ran over to it and he took two cups out of the cupboard and poured the tea in. Good thing he had tea. It was starting to get chilly in here and out. I don't think they have A/C in faery land. I sipped some. Oh thats the spot... " So as I was saying. Queen Mab wants you. probably as a weapon I mean, you can control all elements of fey, except for Iron. You are powerful, almost as powerful and King Oberon, Queen Mab, AND Queen Titania all mixed together. They ALL want you. However King Oberon wants to save you. But Queen Mab..." Puck took a sip of his tea and cringed thinking of.." She will Kill you." 


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