The Inbetween

So, You all know about Julie Kagawa's Series the Iron Fey? Well, i wanted to something with it. Maybe same settings, same characters, but different story. Not Megan Chase. I just want to try something out with this. And maybe it's starts with girl named Alice.


4. Fey


     I don't regret anything I did today. I don't regret shaking my head at Remigio, or running away. Damn I should have left him a note. Now he is going to go CRAZY. I kept walking and in the corner of my eyes I saw shadows lurking around but always disapeared when I looked towards them. Every minute or so I would here the trees sway and the ground creek. In the distance I heard running water. The creek my foster parent was talking about. I ran to it. It wasn't big or small. You can cross it without getting wet because there is stepping stones to help. The first step I take, I almost slipped off. I quickly jumped from rock to rock. One more rock I panted to myself. I jumped and immediatly lost my balance. I shrieked from the top of my lungs as I knew I was going to splash in the frozen cold water. A hand grabbed my shirt and pulled me up.

"What in heck are you doing here out in the woods. ALONE.'' A familiar voice had saved my clothes and helped me up from the other side of the creek. Puck he looked the same except he wore tan shorts and a brown hoodie. 

"Uh well I went to find you. You said you lived over there so...Here I am" I smiled weakly. Puck shook his head at me.

"Here lets get you to my huh..fort." Puck stuttered. I nodded as he led me the way. There was a little tree house not far from where we stood. We climbed up, me first. It was warm and cozy. In the middle of the room sat a couch made for two and a little rocking chair facing it. I sat down on the couch as Puck sat on the chair. "Did he tell you?" Puck questioned as we both got comfy. I cocked an eyebrow at him. 

"How did you know you weren't even there. And I also came here so you can explain every single thing to me okay?" I gestured to Puck to go on and spit it out. I am done waiting. 

"Okay let me explain everything and don't talk while I do. Okay?" I nodded. "Okay from beginning to now... So your my..uh Half..Sister." Immediatly I got confused and started shaking my head. "Hold ON! God. Now. This is how. My mom and my dad got married and had me. So they started fighting blah blah blah and then they divorced. Then she found this other dude that was totally cold and mean but she loved him. They you together and got you so your my sister. Your dad stole you and took you away. He thought you were a disgrace to him." Thanks.  " He took you to your humans and then left. I think your "dad" explained that to you?" I nodded again but then again...Did he just call my "parents" humans? What? Aren't I human? 

"Wait wha? I am human though why would you call my family human, that does NOT make sense Puck what the heck?" I started panicking and talking quickly. 

"Calm down that is the thing that I was going to tell you." Puck casually said.

"That I am not HUMAN. Who excalty are you instead of my half brother." Puck sighed.

"I am Robin Goodfellow from Midsummers Night whatever blah blah blah. Honey I am famous you should be proud. Also, I am ... We are called Fey. Faeries whatever."

"Fey look like humans?" 

"WELLLL Some. Some are ugly gross trolls. Theres Pixies, Gremlins, Red Caps. Oh those Red Caps. All dangerous and will kill you"Puck clenched his fist together. "Other things you don't want to really know. But the oned that are important..Are the human looking ones. At the same time that what makes them UnHuman. There are different 4 kinds of us" He gestured to me and him. " Like races. I am Summer fey, others are Winter fey, Iron fey. The winter fey has a queen named Queen Mab, no husband. She is evil. Never get near her if you can. Mab has 3 Sons. Oldest is Sage, Middle is Rowan. Youngest is about 16 and his name is Ash. Never get near any of them either Especially Ash.... Summers Kings name is Oberon. And his queen is Titania who is a royal bitch. Will turn you into a violin. Then the Iron is bull shit i don't like them and I don't want to talk about them. but then there is you."


"You" Puck smirked evilly.

"What am I?" I was understanding all of this but this really confused me.

"Your are an inbetween. Allot like half breeds. Half breeds are human and Fey. But you are Winter and Summer. You may have noticed you can make something freeze and make something come to life yea?" I nodded slowly. 

"I don't get Iron Fey?" I closed my eyes thinking about it.

"Stay away from them, They will kill you. For sure. Well they kill me. Every thing Iron or Steel burns our skin. Have you noticed that?" Puck asked questionably. I shook my head. Never in my life have I burned from Iron. "Well luck you. Since you have stayed with humans you have some of there human instinct." Puck smiled at me. "Any other questions?"

"Where do you live? Or we... I have never saw us before." Weird way of putting it.

"Well, we are invisible to humans. We can make our selfs visible put it would be really hard. I can do it" Puck proudly stuck his chest up. "Where we live is called the Never Never, Parts of it are called hum Tir Na Nog, WyldWood. You know the basics..." He sighed tired of this talking. This was so straight forward. In 1 hour I knew that I wasn't human after all. I am part of this faery world called Never Never. I just sat there in shock. Stop Alice that is your home. Maybe I should go home and forget it all. yes I should. 

"Puck I am going home." I stood up towering over him.

"Okay just don't tell anyone. Please.'' He stood up as well, now towering me. 

"I promise and don't follow me, I want to be alone Promise?" He nodded. I muttered to my self. Doubt It. After all he is my brother. 

"Another thing." Puck said as I made my way over to the door. "If you break a promise. Or lie...You never exist again. Never No after life." Puck stood there looking at his half sister. I nodded and went off. The woods were darker than ever. More creeking appeared. I kept walking until i heard footsteps about 3. I turned around and saw 3, 20 year old guys. I looked down to see hooves instead of feet and fur on there legs. I looked back up to their faces. They all looked normal except for that detail. 

"Hey babe." The one  in the front said. 

"Get away from me." That only provoked them to come forward. 

"Don't be like that hun." One on the side licked his lips and put his hand down to a private place. 

"I am serious you don't know who you are messing with." My voice came out shaky. They all laughed at me. I closed my eyes and imagined vines coming from the ground making everything shake. Every thing started to attack them. I opened my eyes and saw only little vines snapped at there legs. Wow i have to work on that more. I threw Icicles at them. They looked confused. I bet they haven't saw a winter and summer fey before. 

"Wanna play like that?" They ran towards me. Ah running my worst fear. I ran for my life. My breaths came out in pants. My foot got caught on a vine and I fell forward. I am dead. Dead Dead Dead. I faced them as they crowded me. All of them licking there lips. "We will show you a good time. One reached for my foot but his feet froze. Ice trickled up his legs to his torso. I heard woops from the other guys and they ran for their lives. The one in front of me kept yelling and shouting. But i just looked at him suffer from pain. The ice was now at his mouth. And now he was an ice block. I stood up shaking with fear. I looked around only to see trees swaying in the wind and darkness. I panicked and started to run but I ran into someone. Making me fall. I looked up to see a beautiful creature. A winter prince. He hand bangs that came across his face and pale skin. He wore armor and a sword that cause a blue halo around it. He smirked at me.

"Your welcome." He spoke in a cold voice. Full of hatred. "Hello mutt. I heard screaming and I knew it was a chase. But when I saw you. I just had to save you. Didn't I?" The boy held his sword and stoke it. He stepped forward and brushed my cheek with his thumb. I fluttered my eyes in fear. He was fey. And with that incident that just happened I am not liking my kind. "My name is Ash. And I am here to take you, Alice. To my Queen. She heard of you. Asked for you and now wants you. Queen Mab wants me to bring you here and that is what I am doing.'' Ash narrowed his eyes at me. 

"Never." I whispered. Ash Laughed so he likes a chase. Well this time I am ready.

"Really? Well isn't that too bad." He puckered his lips. He smiled down at my feet. I looked down at them to and saw ice traveling up my body.

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