The Inbetween

So, You all know about Julie Kagawa's Series the Iron Fey? Well, i wanted to something with it. Maybe same settings, same characters, but different story. Not Megan Chase. I just want to try something out with this. And maybe it's starts with girl named Alice.


9. Fey Never Cry

We walked for what seemed for hours. Ash kept cutting me with his sword when I fell. An hour ago he tied me up to a tree and put a cloth over my mouth. He then melted some water in his hands and poured it over the cloth. I almost chocked to death. In my train of thoughts, my body gave in and fell once more. Ash groaned and got the same rope from last time out. I melted the ice quickly with my hot breath. I had to cry out.

"NO PLEASE please...." I begged and cried. I laid down with my hands on my back, they were still iced. "Please no more. I beg of you. IT'S ALREADY ENOUGH TORTURE TO DRAG ME OUT OF PUCK'S VIEW PLEASE." I looked up to Ash with tears falling down my eyes. I noticed this along time ago my eyes never got red when i cried and my face is normal. I hope its cute enough to get Ash's attention and not to harm me. Ash looked down at me and for a few seconds he smirked and frowned. He stared at me and I stared at him. Ash looked away and cringed.

"Fine FINE. God I have never seen a single fey cry." He looked at an animal that was climbing a tree. "I won't torture you but you will still have to go to Queen Mab." He covered his mouth at what he just said. Finally, I smiled with dry tears on my cheeks." Stay here..." He put an ice block on my legs so I couldn't run off. I couldn't even try, I would freeze to death in the snow. From Ash's temperature everywhere he went it snowed. Ash's eyes wondered around for something and he finally found what he was looking for. A black horse. A black horse with some supplies with a saddle on the back. I sighed in relief. Ash looked at me and smiled. Not an evil smile but a nice one. He helped me up the horse and handed me a blanket. I wrapped around myself and I finally felt warm. He started the horse and walked it.

"Now just cause you fucking cried doesn't mean you can get away with anything. I still despise you for being Robin Goodfellows' sister." Ash frowned and spat Pucks name out. 

"Why do you hate Puck so much huh? My brother doesn't seem to like you either." I asked Ash.

"Mmmm.... I hate him because.... Because your mother." His mother. I cocked an eyebrow at him when he looked back at me. "Your mother married one of Queen Mab's boyfriend. She found out he was having an affair with your mom." Ash spat on the floor. 

"But still it doesn't make sense my dad is not Pucks dad!" I rose my voice a little bit. Ash whipped his head towards mine and grabbed my neck. I gasped as his cold fingers grasped my skin. 

"Do not. EVER. Raise your one with me. Queen Mab will find out when we get there." Ash smirked at me. He wasn't nice now. I know now he will never changed even that right now he almost did. Ash looked into my eyes and frowned. I looked away not wanting to have this conversation any more. He let go and turned back forwards and never talked again

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