The Inbetween

So, You all know about Julie Kagawa's Series the Iron Fey? Well, i wanted to something with it. Maybe same settings, same characters, but different story. Not Megan Chase. I just want to try something out with this. And maybe it's starts with girl named Alice.


5. Ash


I looked up to Ash who stood there watching me getting covered by ice. I started to panick oh god please no. I will die DIE never see my sisters again and never see my "parents" again and never see Puck again why why why. I kept asking myself why. AW i just wish i can turn into a horse and drive outta here. Huh...Maybe not a bad idea maybe it will work. My heart beated slower and I tried to calm myself. The ice was to my knees. I closed my eyes. I pictured horses running around freely and about. I opened my eyes. I looked down at my feet again and noticed They had turned into large humongous hooves. My eyes traveled up to Ash who was now confused. I watched Twilight one time and then Jacob turned into a wolf to save Bella. I felt like it looked like that only to save my own life. So just picture me as Jacob only turned into a horse. The burning cold ice shattered as my legs were too big. I jumped out over Ash and ran. I ran tripping over things. I never was a horse before so I couldn't really balance myself...WTF NO ONE TURNS INTO A HORSE EVER! I kept running and looking behind me only seeing Ash on my tail. Oh god I need to turn human. I then started to shrink and finally turn into myself. Ash ran past me and slowed down knowing I had changed. I looked around in pitch black. Uh i need to hide like now NOW. WAIT Puck said we can turn invisible well right now could be the perfect time yea? I imagined a cloak like in Harry Potter hovering over me and then my body suddenly disappearing. My eyes shot open when I heard Ash curse under his breath. I looked down to my hands but they weren't there. AHAHA WHAT NOW ASH. I found a tree and climbed up. I waited till I found a perfect limb to sit on. I sat down and saw Ash aimlessly walk around trying to find me. 

"You know..." A voice by my ear had said in a bored voice. I flinched and almost fell of the limb. A gray cat with glowing yellow eyes gleamed at me while he layed down. It talked. What the heck? This isn't Alice in wonderland!! Well it seems like it.... "If you taunt Ash by teasing him. He will go nuts!!! Like bonkers. It is quite the entertainment Alice." It smirked at me.

"Who are you and how do you know my name." I whispered to the gray cat.

"I am Grimalkin and everyone knows your name." He licked his paw. " And do it now because you need to confuse him." Ash looked at Grimalkin's direction but he had just missed him as the cat turned invisible like me. Ash turned around again to another direction. Okay Alice just turn visible. I turned visible again and chuckled. Ash's sliver mad eyes gleamed at me. 

"You know someone could be really mad if he found you taking me to Queen Mab.." I smirked at him and Grimalkin turned visible too. Ash quickly looked at the cat and then back at me confused. Grimalkin laughed and turned on his side. 

"Who exactly?" Ash cocked an eyebrow. I giggled at him and Ash clenched his fist until they were white. I got kinda scared. My smiled faded. As he flung his sword out. He took a step closer  and that was the perfect moment because a dagger flew where he last stood and the dagger wobbled on another tree. His eyes widened. I looked from where the dagger was thrown and saw Puck's green eyes stab Ash with millions of daggers. Ash looked relieved to see him. 

"Robin Goodfellow." He started in a happy voice. "I am so pleased to see you here. And can you believe the famous dirty inbetweener Alice trying to run away from me." He smirked at me. Puck stepped closer to Ash with his daggers in his hand. "Woah Goodfellow put you weapons down" Ash growled. 

"Until you step away from my sister." Puck spat through his teeth.  Ash widened his eyes once again and looked back at me. 

"Your what!" Ash yelled. 

"My sister. Now back away Ash or I will kill you here and now." Puck crossed his arms smirking at him. Ash didnt budge. 

"Well I need to go back home so ...." I climbed out of the tree and backed away slowly until I saw Puck's body frozen still as ice covered his whole body. My eyes stung with tears of anger. I ran towards my frozen brother. His eyes looked every where including at me. I looked down at my hands and saw then glow a bright red. I am going to kill that Prince. "So Ice Boy. " I turned towards him and walked up to his face. "You want to play like that huh?" He laughed and closed his eyes with pleasure. My fist burned with fire and I made contact with his face. He flew onto a tree and slid down and hit the floor  of the forest with a loud thud. He touched his face in pain and I had just caused him triple pain. From punching him with a fist of fire and slammed him onto a tree. WOW IM AWSOME. I smirked at him. 

"Don't laugh now Alice. You got him more angry and dangerous come and follow me quickly I will lead you to the Wyldwood." Grimalkin yelled behind me.

"HELL NO. I am not going to where I can get killed and especially not with out Puck." I started to Punch the ice faster as Ash was recovering. 

"ALICE It is be killed or having a chance to be killed." My eyes traveled to Pucks frozen body and Ash's pale face. I nodded my head at Grimalkin and ran with him. He led me deeper in the forest and we kept running faster as we heard footsteps behind us. I hit something hard in mid air and everything became white....

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