one16 year old girl
one demented mother
one little brother
And one, rather bitter apple tree.

'What are you doing here Harriott? We had a deal. You go. Or you're next."


1. Chapter 1

Come to the apple tree,

Find and you shall see,

A table layed for diners of 3

But their bodies linger so effortlessly,

Their feet are elevated, necks are broke

As they hang there in chains of rope.


The dawn is buzzing with life. A boy pushes past the lulling stillness of the evening, leaving the echoing twilight of the field in the distance to give himself up to the ever darkening meadow. The twisted gnarled branches that are sketched into the gloomy background snag at his clothes, their best efforts of keeping him away are failing as he keeps on walking. The silence that  blankets the meadow, is merely broken by the boys deep panting, as he keeps walking and dragging through the thorns and trees to get to the clearing. The warning cry of a brarn owl rings through the meadow which quickly fades away back into the silence. The boy stops abruptly. The cloudy light makes the clearing just visible. For there in-front of him. Laden with the crimson fruit.


An apple tree waits.  


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