After being kicked off X-factor, Alexa Simms is signed to Demi Lovato's label and is sent packing to open for One Direction on their legendary Take Me Home tour. Being stuck on a bus for 12 months with 5 boys she is bound to fall for one, and maybe he falls for her too. Nothing will be able to tear them apart at least that's what they thought. Alexa and Niall both being pop stars and having paparazzi following them at all times might just create some issues between the 'it' couple.


26. sorry

Hi lovelies!


Wow I am so sorry I haven't updated in like 20 years! I actually deleted the movellas app for a long while so I hadn't even been on here in forever.


So I was just reading though the first chapter of this and omg I can't believe people actually read this because it is so awful. There is so many grammar and spelling mistakes it makes me want to throw up! So if you are actually reading this thank you! So I might start editing this or I might even delete it. I wrote this when I was a major carrot and didn't know anything about relationships except what I read on here.


Basically I am saying that I am so sorry for how shitty this story is. I might start a new one but with the same storyline but idk yet. I'm still deciding. So anyways thanks for reading this! 


Love yous,


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