After being kicked off X-factor, Alexa Simms is signed to Demi Lovato's label and is sent packing to open for One Direction on their legendary Take Me Home tour. Being stuck on a bus for 12 months with 5 boys she is bound to fall for one, and maybe he falls for her too. Nothing will be able to tear them apart at least that's what they thought. Alexa and Niall both being pop stars and having paparazzi following them at all times might just create some issues between the 'it' couple.


5. do I?

nialls POV

im watching the x factor auditions and there was one girl on there alexa simms who was so amazing. she will definatly go to bootcamp. she got 3 yesses and a smile apperared on my face. ''hey guys do you think we will perform on x factor this year?'' i asked. ''i dont know,maybe'' said liam. ''i think we should.'' i said. ''you just want to see that alexa simms girl.'' louis says all sassy. ''i do not i just think we should perform there.'' i said. ''rigggghhhhtttt.'' said louis drawing out his words. the next week i was watching x factor and saw that alexa got through bootcamp. i was so happy for her. she was going to perform for simon and katy perry this week. im watching her interview right now and listening to her talk about how she is super tired and about how rehersals are going. the interviewer asked her if she was dating and she said no. i smiled a bit. then she asked her who she liked in the house. she said this garen kid. i got a little mad about that but i dont know why i mean i dont like like i? before they showed her performance they showed her bootcamp performance. she sang over again.. she did so good on that song. then they showed her walking off stage in slo mo with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. then it was back to judges houses. she looked super good and the nude color heals made her legs look so long. she sang somebody iused to know and she sang it with such heart i wonder who she is singing the song about cuz i can tell its about somebody. when she finished she had a huge smile on her face. she looked happy. simon started talking and was using the my mind is onr thing but my heart is saying another well unfotuatly his heart wanted her gone. i was so upset i thought she would get through. her smile started to fade and she was just nodding and walked off you could see the tears in her eyes as she walked off but they put it in slo motion to make it more dramatic you could see the tears start to fall. they played her interview and it was cut short becouse she excused herself probobly to go cry. i walked up to my room and got out my phone. i started to call simon. n-niall s- simon

n- why?

s- why what?

n- why did get rid of alexa she was super good

s- i know she is

n- then why did you get rid of her?

s- because she didint show alot of potential

n- whatever simon she was good, good enough to make it to the final and you know that.

i hung up after that beaouse i was just so furious with simon. i cant believe he would that. i decided to tweet about alexa. okay maybe i do like her a bit.

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