After being kicked off X-factor, Alexa Simms is signed to Demi Lovato's label and is sent packing to open for One Direction on their legendary Take Me Home tour. Being stuck on a bus for 12 months with 5 boys she is bound to fall for one, and maybe he falls for her too. Nothing will be able to tear them apart at least that's what they thought. Alexa and Niall both being pop stars and having paparazzi following them at all times might just create some issues between the 'it' couple.


14. concert time :)

"so do you think she will be able to handle it?" i heard a bradford accent ask. ''i dont know what do you think harry?" asked someone who i identified as Louis. ''i guess we will just have to find out i mean she hasint really been exposed to anything yet.'' harry said. ''yeah i guess, hey we should get ready for the concert.'' said Liam. ''yeah cmon boys lets go.'' louis said. amd they walked away. i was still shocked about what they had said. what did they mean 'if i could handle it' and 'she hasint really been exposed to anything yet' ? oh well i guess we will find out. i decided to walk into the bus and call one of my BFFs Ruby. ruby was gorgeous. she has bright green that sparkle everythime the sun hits them im so jelous of them! her hair is a light brown and curly at the ends. shes got olive tan skin and is curvy with a beautiful smile. shes kinda got that sporty casual look. she loves soccer and wants to go pro with it. shes kinda got a personality like liam. she can be serious when needed but also hilarious. i searched through my contacts til i found her name. i pressed call and waited for her to answer. (r- ruby a- alexa) r- hey gurl long time no talk whats going on? a-just getting ready for my first concert r-wow thats amazing are you nervous a-honestly i am kinda freaking out but its nothing i cant handle you know? r-well no i dont know im not a performer all i do is soccer a-haha true but i just wish i could see you guys r-yeah i know we miss you like crazy! a-yeah how is everyboudy? r-good basically the same nut the sleepovers arnt as fun without you a-haha i bet i am the party r-sureeee you think that a- i will haha r-so what are the boys of the world famous boyband one direction like? a-very messy like seriously i think i sterpped on a banana this morning r-omg are you serious what was a banana doing on the floor?! a- thats what i want to know! haha but yeah their just normal people like you and me r-so thier not as funny as they seem? man im dissapointed now! a-no they are hilarious like i am literally rolling on the floor sometimes laughing r-wow okay im not dissapointed anymore a-haha good! "alexa your nedded in hair and makeup" said some manager guy "okay i'll be there in a minute'' a-im needed i must go im sorry but ill call after the concert if its not to late there okay? r-alright superstar talk to ya later a-haha bye drama queen tell the girls i say hey  talk to ya later r-later

i hung up after that and walked out of the bus to my dressing room and get my hair makeup and wardrobe done. i had my hair put into some beach waves and my bangs bumped up i had on a black high wasted skirt with a brown belt a crean laced bodice top that stops a bit after my chest with a blue aztec print on the bottom of it. i added some blue heals to top it all off and some gold bangles. my mom got me a custom microphone its pink with sparkles all over it. I LOVE SPARKLES!! its my addiction! i was standing at the end of the stage watching all the people come in. i thought it would calm me down but all it did was make me more nervous. i felt like i was going to throw up soon. ''looking at all the people wont help'' i turned around to fave all 5 members of one direction. ''i thought it would calm me down but it didint.'' i said ''it never really gets easier.'' said liam. ''yeah we still get nervous actually.'' said zayn. i just nodded. ''i wouldint be able to get used to this but i guess i should start trying to.'' i said. ''i think im going to throw up.'' i said running to the trash can and vomiting. i stood up and imeadiatly felt that feeling again but it wasint as bad. i looked at the boys. ''wheres my mic?'' i asked as if nothing ever happened. harry handed it to meed ''thanks'' io said and took a deep breath. i started humming my first song and waited for it to be time to go on stage. i walked on stage as the music started playing. when i finished the first song i wasint nervous anymore and hearing the croud chanting my name just made me smile. before i started the next song i decided to tak to the crowd. ''hey guys hows your night going?'' they screamed. i imeadiatly started smiling and got an idea. ''so i just feel like i need to tweet a picture of my very first concert and that everyubody needs to see the best crowd ever!'' they screamed ''so who wantes to be in the picture?'' everybody screamed but i knew they could do better ''im not sure i hear you?'' i said. they let out a bigger scream. ''thats nore like it.'' i said into my mic. i pulled my phone out and took a picture and tweeted it. i finished up my set and wal;ked off stage. thi\at was just amaZAYN! i walked back to my dressing room and watched the boys perform. they got into a water fight on stage! this is going to be a great couple months! im kinda nervous to see what people will say about the concert tomorrow. what will demi say? idk ill find out tomorrow.

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