Imagine you are aground on an Island. But not alone. With One Direection. That's what happens to Celine who definetly isn't happy with this situation. But the Boys aren't as bad as she thought and she start to get feelings them. But theres only one girl. And what will happen if they start to fight because of her? Will they find their way back to civilisation?
_ "You're mine! Maybe we are on a fucking island with nothing left but that doesn't mean that i can't fuck you right here! Don't you dare to think you can run away!", he whispered in my ear.
He was right. There was nothing left. We were aground on that fucking island. One Direction and me. That's right. One Direction. Shit just that they started to fight because of me. "Maybe i'll try to run away", i replied.
"You won't!", he said and kissed me passionatly.


1. Prologue


"Ceeeline! Please come to the pool!", my little sister yelled.

"No, i don't want to! Go and leave me alone!" I laid back on the bed and started to hear some music.

My sister mumbeld something about love and family and left me alone.

Please don't judge me for that. I love her. I really do but she got his eyes.

The eyes from my stepfather. And he isn't that angel in heaven.

My mother and he knew eachother for years. They're this kind of "Children-loves' or something like that but in the end they  broke up and years later after the funeral of my REAL dad they met again and voilá, my stepsister was born.

I get up and started to change into my bikini. Maybe it wasn't that bad to get to the pool.

I sighed. I've got bruises all over body and tried on a white dress to hide them. My mom didn't know about the bruises. About the violence. And she won't find out. Nobody will....


It was quite hot. I went over to the pool and let my feets in. I couldn't find the rest of my lovely family so i walkeds alone down the luxury ship. Mister I-can-buy-whatever-I-want bought us tickts for it. And it has everything you can dream of. And of course celebreties...

I enjoyed the feeling of the cold water when I suddenly heard a voice started loudly to cry. “Oh my goddnes! They are here! One direction is really here on this boat!“ I turned my head to the blond girl. You can't imagine what happend next. Nearly everybody started to fangirling and/or started to cry. I only sat there and couldn't believe what i saw. Nothing against this band. I don't hate them. I'm only not such a big fan. It's getting louder and louder. I wanted to stand up but someone pushed me down and i cursed a little. Wow! One direction! Oh calm down! I was really annoyed. I can't understand why peole get that crazy when they hear something about one of these boys. I went straight to my cabin with a damm feeling in my right feet. It hurts really.

How can you be so ridicolous because of a damm band?!

I changed my clothes for the party tonight on the west side of the big ship. I wanted to make party all day and all night only to forget about my stepfather. My mom don't understand that i hate him. I hate him with all my heart.

I took a long shower. I'll go to some big party on the west side on the ship. I wore a pink bikini under a short, my black tank and a blouse finished my outfit. Nothing special but i have nothing for looking good... I grabed my handbag with everything i need - yeah there are also things i definetly don't need in - and wanted to go out when i ran straight into my step farther. I could smell the alcohol and wanted to go away.

“Let me go!“, i said quietly. “No, i can't. Your so beautiful in this outfit!“ “What?!“, i was shocked. Suddenly he packed my wrists and pulled me into a huge. His lips came near mine and i couldn't move. To be honest i was really afraid of him. He pressed his lips against mine and i started to fight. “Behave! Slut!“ I looked straight in his eyes. What an idiot! One of his hands went down my waist. He pressed me up against the wall. I pushed him away.

"Don't!", i shouted.

"BEHAVE!", he yelled. Without thinking i pushed my knee hard into his crotch and grabed my bag. I saw him laying down to my feets and started to run. I didn't know where. I ran until i came to the railing. I looked down to the water. It was black and deep. I stood there and couldn't reacted anymore. Damm! He was an asshole! A fucking asshole.

“Sweetie, why are you crying?“, a male voice asked in the back. I didn't noticed that i'm crying. I tried to hide it and wiped my tears away. I didn't like it to cry because i didn't like anyone knows anything about my feelings. Wow.. that scene reminds me of that movie. Titanic.

“Because life is hard...“, I simply answered.

“Of course it is. But I think you could managed it. So please stop to cry! So whats your name?“

Uhmm... Okey. I'm Celine. And what's your name?“ “My name is Harry“ I turned around to see a big grin on Harry's face. He took my hand. I couldn't move. I saw in his beautiful green eyes. He came near my face and said:“Please don't scream!“ I felt some cloth over my mouth when suddenly everything turned black...


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