Imagine you are aground on an Island. But not alone. With One Direection. That's what happens to Celine who definetly isn't happy with this situation. But the Boys aren't as bad as she thought and she start to get feelings them. But theres only one girl. And what will happen if they start to fight because of her? Will they find their way back to civilisation?
_ "You're mine! Maybe we are on a fucking island with nothing left but that doesn't mean that i can't fuck you right here! Don't you dare to think you can run away!", he whispered in my ear.
He was right. There was nothing left. We were aground on that fucking island. One Direction and me. That's right. One Direction. Shit just that they started to fight because of me. "Maybe i'll try to run away", i replied.
"You won't!", he said and kissed me passionatly.


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6:


Suddenly he turns around and crash his lips on mine.

"You're mine!"

I press my hands up against his chest and look into his green eyes.

"Stop", i cough.

"I heard you moan. I wanted to gather some bananas and then i heard you moan like a bitch", he say through press teeths.

I don't dare to breath and look him deep into his emeral eyes. "Whats your problem Styles?", i ask, try to sound strong. But really, that's not me. I'm not a bitch and nobody will ever call me that again. My stepfather always call me a bitch when i didn't do what he wanted.

"My problem?" He grab my wrist so i drop the food and my clothes to the ground. He press me against a tree. I close my eyes and could feel his hot breath over my lips. His soft lips come near my ear and tickle me with his breath.

"My problem is that i can fuck you better. I can make you feel so much better", he whisper so i get goosebump over my body.

He let go of me and start to make some food.

I stand there in shock and can't make a move. I slid down the tree and start to cry quietly.

I am not a bitch. I don't want to hurt anyone. I am really not a bitch, am i? I mean, my stepfather always told me so but i can't accept that.



Two years earlier

I stood in the kitchen and finished eating while dancing through the whole kitchen like crazy.

My little sister was at a friends home, my mother was working until late and my stupid stepfather was working as well, so i can do whatever i want.

I made some popcorn ready for a movie nigth with Jamie, my best friend. He was a wonderful best friend and was always there when i need him. And best of all he was gay.

I really loved him with all my heart.

"Give me love like never before", i sang skew and loud threw the living room.

I turned around and danced and let the rythm through me. The microwave beeped loud to let me know the popcorn is ready.

I put the popcorn into a bowl and make my way upstairs. Jamie would come in 30 minutes so i can easily make everthing up.

I started to walk up stairs when i heard someone enter our house. I turned around to see my stepfather comming in.

"Hello sir!"", i said as he wanted me to greet.

"Hello. What are you doing?", he wanted to know while  i go up.

"Ehm.. a friend comes over and i-"

"Who the fuck allowed you that?"

"Mo-mom", i stutterd.

"Is it a boy? You bitch! Answer!"
 He started to follow me up the stairs. I almost was in my room. Almost. Suddenly he pushed me from behind. The bowl sliped out of my fingers and  i let out a scream. I laid to his feet and watched his moves.

"Do i have to learn you again, how to behave?! You daughter of a bitch!"

His face comes near mine and i could smell the alcohol.

"No.. I know how to behave..", i mutterd.

"Liar!", he yelled and slaped me right on the cheek. I fall to the side and hide my burning cheek with one of my hands. The tears started to form into my eyes.

"Now clean up the mess you made and go into you room slut, before i make something worse to you!", he shouted.

I nod with tears streamed down my red cheek. I clean the mess up quickly and ran into my room. I shut it close and searched after my key but it was gone.

I laid on the bed and dialed the numer of Jamie.

"What's up C?", he said.

"Jamie.. I'm sorry you can't come over today"

*Flashback end'

I walked over to the fire and sit at the opposite of Harry.
"You know what, you don't know me..."

His eyes met mine. He only gaze into my eyes and doesn't say anything.

He suddenly stand up and walk over to me. He sit down next to me and comes near. 

"I know it wasn't right  but..."

"Shut up Celine!", he says and crashed his lips onto mine. I froze for a moment but then i give in and kiss back. His hands cup my face. I beg away and he brush his nose to mine.

"I am-", he start but then suddenly a loud crash let us both drift apart.

"What the..?!", mutter.

I take Harrys hand and squeeze it.

"Oh no... Niall is still out there"

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