Imagine you are aground on an Island. But not alone. With One Direection. That's what happens to Celine who definetly isn't happy with this situation. But the Boys aren't as bad as she thought and she start to get feelings them. But theres only one girl. And what will happen if they start to fight because of her? Will they find their way back to civilisation?
_ "You're mine! Maybe we are on a fucking island with nothing left but that doesn't mean that i can't fuck you right here! Don't you dare to think you can run away!", he whispered in my ear.
He was right. There was nothing left. We were aground on that fucking island. One Direction and me. That's right. One Direction. Shit just that they started to fight because of me. "Maybe i'll try to run away", i replied.
"You won't!", he said and kissed me passionatly.


3. Chapter 2 - New experiences

Chapter 2 - New experiences


I run down a path! I'm scared what happend.

"HARRY", she cry again.

Goosebump makes his way down my Back. I hope i won't be late.


Celines POV


I lay at the back on the ground. I tried to gather some bananas and right before i could reach them i lost my grip and fell down hard.

The air press out of my lungs and i coughed. I  try to breath hard, my right foot hurts and i can't stand up. Tears start to stream down my face.

"HARRY", i shout again. Where the hell is he?!

Suddenly there comes a rustle out of the jungle. I try to stand up but fall down again.

I start to crawl on the ground. I won't give up. The sound get louder. I notice a big bough and try tpo grab it with succes. If this was a animal i will fight to death. The sound gets louder. I grab the bough, turn around and hit the animal over me hard with it. I hear someone curse and notice i hit aboy. A boy with blond hair. He sits infront of me and rubs his head.

"Do you need help?", somebody ask, trying to hide the tears that form in his eyes.

"Sorry", i mumble.

I hold on breath and nod.

You won't belive me. There sits right infront of me living and breathing Niall Horan. He slowly stands up.

Why? Why do i deserve this!? There are a lot of girls on earth who would kill to be in my place! Why exactly me? I'm not even a Fan of them!

He stuck his hand out.

I nod and pick his Hand. Niall help me slowly on my feet. I need all my concentration to not loose my grip.

"CELINE!", somebody yell.

Goodbye concentration! I turned my head to see Harry coming out of the jungle, loose my grip and fall down on the ground again. Niall who is as supiresed as me fell with me to the ground.




Niall lay already on me and smile widely.He fast stand up again.They run to eachother and hug.

"You can't imagine how happy i am right now!", Niall say with tears in his eyes.

Wow... they like a familiy. If i find anyone of my familiy right now, i will walk away. Exept my stepsister... maybe....

"Ehm... Boys, i really don't want to interrup you two but can anyone help me please!"

They stop hugging and both held me up their hands.

I pick both and slowly stand up.

"Can you go?", Niall wanted to know.

"Yeah kind of"

I hurts a little but not that bad.

"Can we go back to the beach?", i ask.

"Sounds good. I'll pick up these bananas and search after some other fruits", Niall says.

I suddenly feel Harrys Hands on my waist. My eyes meet his and he smiles.

"I've got your bag", he whispers.

I turn my head away to hide my blush.

Why can he make me feel like that?

We start to go back to the beach. He brings me to the beach. Here already are a few sticks for a fire.

"Thank you", i whisper.

"Your welcome"

He said next to me, his arms around my waist.

I look next to him and smile shyly.

"I don't think it'll be that bad on this island...", he means.

I look into his green eyes and can't hide a smile.


He lean near to me and pushes me down on my back.

I watch his action without a move. I couldn't say, think or do anything. I only want him to kiss me.

As he could read my mind he cames near my lips. He only looks deeply in my eyes. I could feel his hot breath over my lips.

"Don't you want to kiss me?", i want to know.

"Even if you beg for it."

"Please do it"

"Enough for this time", he say with a cheeky grin.

He leant in and kiss me passionatetly. I bit his lower lip and could feel his smile. We kiss for a little time and i can't doubt but enjoy it. I thought i hate Harry but maybe theres something i can like in him....

His tongues lick over my lip and ask for entrance but i beg away.

"We have to make a fire...", i pant.

He nod with a cheeky grin and start to make a fire.


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