Imagine you are aground on an Island. But not alone. With One Direection. That's what happens to Celine who definetly isn't happy with this situation. But the Boys aren't as bad as she thought and she start to get feelings them. But theres only one girl. And what will happen if they start to fight because of her? Will they find their way back to civilisation?
_ "You're mine! Maybe we are on a fucking island with nothing left but that doesn't mean that i can't fuck you right here! Don't you dare to think you can run away!", he whispered in my ear.
He was right. There was nothing left. We were aground on that fucking island. One Direction and me. That's right. One Direction. Shit just that they started to fight because of me. "Maybe i'll try to run away", i replied.
"You won't!", he said and kissed me passionatly.


2. Chapter 1 - Let's say i am not the biggest


Chapter 1 - Let's say i am not the biggest:

As you may notice i change from 'past'-form to 'present', i want to find out what is better so you may tell me? :) Lots of Love! xx


I wake up on sand. Wait! Sand!? I slowly open my eyes and could feel the hot sun burning down to me. I sat up and look around. Where I am?! I only can remember that my family and me were on a cruise ship to make holidays.... I hate it to make vacation with my familiy. . I don't like my stepfather... he's different. He called me bad things. Really bad things... Things i only want to forget. Where the hell is the big ship where we made vacation?! My head turns.

I've got headache.When I look down to my feets I only wear black sandals on them. I looked around myself and could see my bag. Oh thanks god! My bag could save my life. I slowly stand up when i suddenly hear a famillar voice shouting my name. “Hey! Hey there Celine! Wait!“

I turned around and see Harry runing to me.

He stopped right before my eyes.


I freeze. Harry stop in front of me.. I don't say anything and just look straight into his green eyes.

“Are you okay?“, he ask suddenly.

“No i'm not! Could you please explain where the fuck i am?!“, i shout at him.

“Well i think this here is an damm island! Why are you shouting at me?!“, he started to yell at me. I send him an evil glance.

“Calm down pretty boy! If this is an island theres only you, me and my bag!“, i yelled back. I grab my bag and go down the long beach. After a few seconds I hear Harry following me. “Have you got any plans?“, i ask him after a while.

“Well, i think we have to search for a civillition or some other people...“

“Good idea...“ We walk in silence and it is awkard. I try to be strong from outside, but inside i'm really confused.

Please! Let there be any civilition! Please!

The sun already make her way and i get really tierd of walking. I suddenly stop.

“What do you think of making some fire and things for tonight?“

“Sounds good!“

“Well, i am going to search for some wood and you could try to make a fire“, i propose.

“Okay, but we should make a little break first. We walked the whole day. And to be honest, i'm really hungry.“

He looked at me witth a cheeky grin.


"Nothing, only know that you want me"

"For you're little stupid brain, I ONLY WANT TO SURVIVE! So if it's ok for you i only want to find my way back home!"

This little perve! How could he!?I  sit down on the sand,  look to the wide ocean and sigh. I could feel his eyes on me and try not to react.

“Can you remember anything from the night on the ship?“ I shook my had.

“It's kind of blackout." Lie. I don't trust him.

“You aren't a big fan of me, are you?“, he laughed.

“Let's say i am not the biggest.“

I look at him and smile a little.

“Maybe i could change your mind a little“, he say and i started to blush. I hate blushing because then everyone could see how i feel. “Maybe...“, i answer and start to giggle.


Harrys POV.


Wow she've got a pretty laugh. She has also wonderful eyes. They are big and brown with little sparkles in them. And a really nice ass. Maybe we two can have some really good time here, if you know what i mean. I start to laugh, too. She was a beautiful girl. I told that the boys. Niall was the one who noticed her at the pool. And he was right, she was kind of a cute girl.

“I'm really hungry.“, i told her and she nod.

“I'm going to search after something to eat“, she said and stand up.

Where the hell are the othere boys? I can't find them! I stand up and search after some wood. When i finally pick up enuogh i go back to the beach and tried to make fire.

That girl Celine has wondeful dark brown eyes and pink lips. Lips I could kiss all the time. i could kiss down her jaw to her neck. With my finger i could stroke her sides and make her moan into my ear...

"Harry! Harry!"

I jump up in shock and ran after her voice.

“Celine?!“ No answer. “Celine!?!“ I straight to the jungle where i heard her shouting...


I love cliffhangers :)

So Harry is the first Boy who comes into this Story! Who comes next?

I'm not sure about it right now.

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