The United States Air Force


4. When I Was Younger

When I was growing up, I had two annoying, energetic, rambunctious brothers, and a sister who was never around.

Needless to say--I was a bit more of a tomboy than I was a girly girl.

When your average little girl wanted to play a game, she chose to play house, or school; I chose to play soldier, and war battles.

When your average little girl wanted to play dress up and do make up; I wanted to paint camouflage on my face and dress in uniform.

When your average little girl wanted to grow up being rich and famous, and ordering around those who served her; I wanted to be one of many who served my country.

But when one of my brothers went to live with his mom, I lost sight of what I had wanted when I was younger.

All of a sudden, my sister took hold of me and made me forget my dreams.

I dressed in tight jeans instead of uniform.

I put make up on my face instead of camouflage.

I dreamt of becoming a pop star instead of becoming a soldier.

A few months ago, I remembered what I used to want.

And now, I can feel myself becoming stronger again.

I can feel myself wanting to make a difference again.

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