My secret

Hilly lives in a foster home a is moving into a new one in a day. Hilly has a secret that nobody knows about not even her best friend. That all changes when Hilly goes to a party and meets a new boy and talks to her crush. Read more about Hilly and her dark secret.


2. The party

I run into the house strip down and step onto the shower. I brush my straight dark black hair and put on black skinny jeans and a plain blue shirt. I hail a can to the party not feeling in the mood to drive there. When I step out of the car the music is so loud it beats against my ears. I step not the house almost everybody was drunk. I walk on and Kristen I call her kris  comes up to me and offers me achol I say no I don't drink. Seven minutes in heaven in the den some one yelled. Come on Hilly Kris said grabbing my wrist and dragging me into the darkest room where everybody was sitting on the floor in a circle. Kris and I found a opening in the circle and we sat in it. Edward was sitting across from me Edward its your turn to spin Heather Said. He spinned the bottle it slowly turned to me. He got up and took my hand I follow him upstairs. When I walked into the room Edward locks the door behind him. I know who you are he says. I don't know what you mean I say sitting down on the bed. I know your secret he says what secret I say get up from the bed I don't know what you mean I say walking out of the room. 



Edwards Pov

we were playing seven minutes in heaven when Hilly and Kris walk in and take a seat in the circle across from me. She is so beautiful I couldn't even stop staring at her. Her long dark black straight hair and her gorgeous ocean blue eyes. I snap out of it when Heather the girl that's throwing the party says that it's my turn to spin the bottle. I spin the bottle and it slowly turns to Hilly I smile in my head. I quickly stand up and walk over to her and take her hand leading her upstairs. I lock the door once Hilly is inside the room. I know your secret I say to her I know that she is the leader of the pack of wolfs. I don't know what you mean she says sitting down on the bed. I mean I know who you are. What secret she says standing up I don't know what you mean she says walking out the room. I follow her downstairs everyone's eyes on me till, Heather says that's it? And that's when everybody burst out laughing like there's no tomorrow.



Hillys Pov

Every one is laughing because they all think that I blew off Edward. What if he really did know my secret will he tell his friends or will he use it against me to get what he wants? CLAYTON! Heather yells bringing me back to reality. Come here its your turn to spin the bottle. He walks over and sits across from me I pay no attention and start talking to Kris. To my surprise when I turn around the bottle is pointing at me. Do over Heather says Hilly already has gone. He spins the bottle again and it lands on me. Ok Heather says I guess its destiny. and everyone laughs while he gets up and takes me upstairs into the same room when I was with Edward. He locks the door behind him I lie down on the bed and he crawls on top of me and starts pecking at my neck. Right when he was about to kiss me on the lips my phone rings. I put my index finger on his lips as I answer the phone. Hello? Yes is this Hilly torres? Yes how may I help you? I need you to come down and fill out some paperwork for your new foster home. Ok I'll be there in 20 tops. Yes mam she replies.

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