My secret

Hilly lives in a foster home a is moving into a new one in a day. Hilly has a secret that nobody knows about not even her best friend. That all changes when Hilly goes to a party and meets a new boy and talks to her crush. Read more about Hilly and her dark secret.


11. The chase


The dogs came back but then I heard a howl say that a vampire was in our territory and he and she wasn't supposed to be here. so I ran into the forest with my dogs hot on my tail. I then jumped and shifted in the air  and ran to the cliff and howled as loud as possible for my pack to hear. Then I heard a bush rustle and Zack came out. My fur turned from white to black my dogs went to go and hide and Zack just whimpered while I growled and walked closer till I heard footsteps and smelled the intruder my fur got darker as I howled once more for my pack.

I darted for the sound of footsteps till I saw them...

My Ex and my ex-bestfriend Elenor and Edgar even though he cheated on me with her I still had feelings for him. Till now, I stood there staring at him as my fur went darker and darker till it had black flames comeing out my back. He looked scared because he knew I was pissed I was more than pissed I couldn't even explain it. I bolted towards them as they stared running for their lives I bit at their legs as my pack came up doing the same. Leave them to me when you catch them I growled.I grabbed her by the leg and dragged her to the torture chamber.

My pack came soon after I chained her.

Zack came up to me and said ''he's gone''

''what do up mean he's gone'' I growled

''He went into my packs territory''

''Do you think your pack can help''?

''I don't know know I can ask''

''ok lets go''

We all jogged to his pack home we waited outside for about 10 minutes till his leader came out. We all bowed down to him with respected.

''We shall help you and your pack''

''Thank you leader'' I said as He walked away to get the rest of the pack.

He came back out with about 20 men we all shifted they all watched my fur as it changed from a flaming black to a pure white. They all gasped and the leader came through and asked me.

''How did you do that''? asked the leader

''do what''?

''Change the color of your fur''?

''Oh that I didn't it just happens to go with my mood if I'm calm and relaxed or Angry and upset and if I'm pissed off black flames will come''

''Oh ok will you please excuse me?''

''Sure of course''

He walked up to the pack and started whispering something so low that not even I could hear.

I heard a twig snap. I twisted my head around and before even warning the leader I ran as fast as possible and took off. I stared running in the direction of the twig till I saw him and his back up I growled and beared my teeth as my fur turned into a flaming black once again. I got closer and he just chuckled.

I got closer and let out a ear piercing howl to call the leader as soon enough he was here. And Edgars eyes widened as he saw all the other wolves behind me creeping closer to him. He sprinted as his 'Crew' did the same. ''Kill them all'' I growled exept for him leave him to me I said as I bit at his feet.

I ran a bit faster catching up and jumped on his back causeing him to face plant into the ground and me tumbling over on top of him until I realized something on his arm...


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