My secret

Hilly lives in a foster home a is moving into a new one in a day. Hilly has a secret that nobody knows about not even her best friend. That all changes when Hilly goes to a party and meets a new boy and talks to her crush. Read more about Hilly and her dark secret.


3. Papers papers and more papers

After I hang up Clayton looks at me very angrily as if looks could kill. Sorry I tell him, but I have to go to the foster home agency office and meet my new foster parents.

Let me drive you sweetheart he says to my surprise while he gets up off me. Nah I scoff I'll just haul a cab. Why are you scared to drive with me sweetheart?

No I say try to keep my cool while walking out the room. We walk downstairs and Clayton says we're done here as we walk out the door I hear a couple of wolf whistles behind me as he closes the door.

He walks me to his car its a black explorer. I get in and he ask me where to city hall I say okie dokie he tells me. It was a painful 10 minute ride. Until we finally get there he shuts the door a walks out what are you doing I ask him? I'm going in with you ok I sigh taking in a deep breath, as we walk in he asks me how come I never knew you were a foster?

I sigh and say its because my parents abandoned me when I was born. Oh he says I'm sorry I didn't think it would be like that or I wouldn't have asked, its ok I tell him its not your fault.

I walk in and tell him to stay here, and I walk in the meeting room and prepare to meet another abusive couple without a child. But its a very lovely couple named Rose and Joseph, and they say they have a son the same age as me and I'll meet him tomorrow. When I move all my stuff in.

They leave and I have to sign all the papers because my current foster parents don't give shit. When I finish all the papers about a half an hour later I walk out to find Clayton passed out on the chair. he looks so peaceful but I have to leave, I gently shake him he jumps out of his seat and I let out a little chuckle so he can't hear. Lets go I tell him we walk out to the car I ask him can you take me home now I say very tiredly.

Of course sweetheart he says to me. Why do you keep calling me that? I ask getting into the truck, Why do you like it? He asks me while getting into the drivers seat, no  I answer. Good so sweetheart it is he says as I roll my eyes at him.

He starts the car and asks me where to? I say 190 Parkview Dr. Ok sweetheart he tells me stop that I scream at him he smiles and says your funny sweetheart when your mad. I look out the window and roll my eyes. Gimme your phone he says taking my phone and giving me his put your number in. Here I say giving him his phone back and him giving me his.

Here we are sweetheart ugh I say getting out of the car searching for my keys digging in my pockets. When I get into the house he pulls out of the driveway.

when I walk in the door I'm greeted by my current foster parent with a slap in the face I hold my hand to my face and feel the burning sensation in my face. When have you been she screams I can smell the beer in her breath. And I run up to my room and slam the door. And cry myself to sleep.


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