My secret

Hilly lives in a foster home a is moving into a new one in a day. Hilly has a secret that nobody knows about not even her best friend. That all changes when Hilly goes to a party and meets a new boy and talks to her crush. Read more about Hilly and her dark secret.


4. Leaving this hell hole

Finally the day has come for me to leave my abusive foster mother and go to a new home and a new life.

I pack whats left in my room leave just the bed set with the drawers. My new family said they already have a new set for me. As long as its not pink or purple I told them I hate pink and purple. I drive there in my blue dodge charger ( got it from my real dad when he did I inherited it).

I pull up to the adress it says on the papers. I ring the doorbell HII!!! my new mother screams hi Rose hi Joseph I say not so encouraging. If your going to live here call us mom and dad.

Ok mom and dad I say a little bit happier. Come in she says I walk in and this house is like a mansion they're like millionaires.

Our son will be here soon he went out with his friends I nod still in shock of how big this house is. Do you want to see you room she asks me of course i say almost screaming. I'm so exited I can't stand to wait to see my room my is the last room straight down the hall.

She opens the door and I gasp at how huge the room is! My room is all blue and I have a Master sized bed and a walk in closet I even have my own bathroom.

Well I'll leave you to your unpacking she says leaving the room oh and don't forget we're going out to dinner at 3:00 to meet your new brother. I look at the clock shoot its almost 2:30 I gotta get ready. I take a quick shower washing my hair because it naturally straight anyway.

I grab a white T-shirt with a picture of a Rottwieler on it. and black skinny jeans i put no make-up on because I hate it and it gives me acne.

I walk downstairs and tell mom and dad i'll meet them there I just have to go pick somthing up on the way I was lieing. Ok dear they both said. I was really going to see my three dogs I had to give up to the aspca because my previous foster mom didn't like animals.

I visit them and they seem so happy to see me, I had a German Shepherd, Rottwieler, and a Jack Russel Terrier.  I play with them for a bit till its time to go to the dinner. When I walk out i see that Clayton works here I try to avoid him seeing me by quickly walking out side when its too late.

Hilly he yells out what are you doing here he says to me while walking over nothing I say. Stop hiding it from me tell me what you're doing here. Fine I say sighing, I had three dogs but I had to give them up when I went to a new foster home.

I then walked out on him and got into my car and drove to the dinner.

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