My secret

Hilly lives in a foster home a is moving into a new one in a day. Hilly has a secret that nobody knows about not even her best friend. That all changes when Hilly goes to a party and meets a new boy and talks to her crush. Read more about Hilly and her dark secret.


10. Boys will be Boys

I run back just in because Adri is walking up to the car. I shift behind a tree (since when I shift my clothes don't disappear from my human form) and walk to the car and get in before she can notice.

I get a feeling again that some one is watching me I look around and see no one so I just shrug it off and drive home.

I pull up to the driveway and shuffle through my backpack looking for my keys while walking to the door. I walk in with Adri right behind me her jaw like literally drops to the floor. Come on I say to her while dragging her up the stairs. ''Wait here'' she nods and I walk out the back door and call my dogs and bring them inside. I start to feed them right when I put their bowls down and tell them to eat Clayton walks in with his friends Zayn, Jake, Edward, and of course Zack. Zack has dark black hair that falls in front of his dark blue eyes.


They all walk upstairs but Zack I sit on the floor next to the dogs eating. Zack walks up to me (he thinks I'm human) and when he gets a little to close the dogs start growling and they chase him upstairs. I walk upstairs and see all 5 boys in the corner hugging each other and the dogs are closing in. I start laughing and run to my room to get Adri.

A- why are you laughing what did you do now

H-nothing just come here


H-just come here and stop asking so many questions.

We walk to Claytons room and step in and Adri bursts out laughing and falls on the floor which makes me laugh and fall on the bed.

CAN YOU GUYS STOP LAUGHING AND HELP? Clayton yells. Ok god you don't gotta yell. Yes I do because your dogs are about to kill us here in the corner! Ok ok gosh BOYS COME I yell at the dogs and they whimper and walk to my sides still growling at them. Ok see you people later and with that I walk out with Adri still laughing so I pick her up and swing her over my shoulder since I have wolf strength and walk to my room.


After Hilly carries her friend out with her dogs behind her. Theres an awkward silence for about 5 minutes till Zayn breaks it.

(Z=Zayn  C=Clayton  J=Jake  E=Edward  Za=Zack)

(Jake and Zack are wolves Clayton, Edward, Zayn are vampires)

Z-damn shes strong

Za-and hot

We all look at him and say ''DUDE'' in unison.

J-her dogs scare me

We all nod.

E-I agreed with Zack I think shes hot

We all glare at him

C- guys that's my sister you're talking about

E- you're the one that still trys to hit on her too

C-yeah but whatever lets just change the subject

''AGREED'' they all say in unison.

C-soo do any of you have a girlfriend?

Z-well I think that Adri is pretty cute

E-Za-your sister is pretty hot

Za-without those dogs

C-ha good luck with that she takes those things everywhere

J-I think we can try to get her away from them

''HOW'' we all say in unison

J-well since we all know about her secret and how she chases vampires away from our territory into Zack's territory and that's the only time she leaves those dogs. So we can try to do it like that so we can get to know her, but she doesn't know that we know her secret.

Za-wait what do you mean her secret?

C-wait you don't know?


J-She's the first and only female wolf of our kind

Za-oh ok So now what



''I knew it'' shes my mate I had a feeling I wonder if she felt it too?

''Hey guys lets try to evesdrop on them to see what are they are talking about'' I ask them

''Yeah that's a good idea lets go''

We walk to the door and its open and the dogs are laying on the bed sleeping

H-so who do like so far?

A-well you already know that I have a boyfriend but I kinda like Zayn

H-ohhh you like Zayn, you guys are going to get married and have children and all that gross stuff

A-shut up  what about you

H-nah I still think boys are nasty and gross

A- you are so immature and childish

H-what I still think that boys are gross I can't have a boyfriend anyway because I'm supposed to have a mate


I was talking to Adri about mates and I thought about Zack and how its possible he's my mate.

But how even if I'm not in my original pack I wasn't even born near here so how is my mate all the way here did he move or get kicked out of  his old pack. I don't know the possibilitys are endless. Hilly hello Adri says waving her hand in front of my face snapping me back to reality.

''Oh sorry just thinking''

A-what are you thinking about

H-nothing-I lied

A-your lieing

H-no I'm not

A-are too I know when you are lieing you are my best friend

H-fine I was just thinking about my mate

A-*gasp* ohh have you found him or not

H-well I think so but I'm not sure

A-well who is it

H-well let me close the door first

I walk to the door and find the boys at the wall listening in on out conversation


BOYS ATTACK!! I yell at my dogs.

 ''What do you mean ATTACK?'' asked Zack

I mean Attack

Then Zack realized what I said and ran and locked himself in Claytons room before the other boys can realize what happened.

''Oh shit'' Clayton yelled right as the dogs jumped off the bed and chased them downstairs and down the road until I couldn't see them anymore so I thought they had enough so I called them back through the mind link.


We were running until we reached a dead end. The dogs were closing in growling and showing their teeth. I knew I couldn't hurt them because Hilly would hate me for it. so I just cowered in the corner. Jake started to cry and whimper. But oddly enough right when they were close enough they turned around and left and vanished out of thin air.

C-thank god

Z-what was that about?

E-I don't know but it was weird as hell

Z-jake is still crying

J-am not

Z-are too

J-am not

Z-are TOO!!

C-stop acting like 3 year olds, god!!

E-well we should be heading back

After we got back we found Adriana sitting on the porch.

''Wheres Hilly and Zack''?

''Well they urm umm left''


''I don't know Hilly ran into the woods with her dogs and then Zack followed her''

''ok I guess''

I wonder why she left?

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