My life as a dog

I am a dog, a stray to be exact. I look like a wolf I am white as can be and a bit small because i'm still growing and I'm still a puppy. No one wants me, I live where there are famous people until I meet a group of rich guys. At first 4 of them abused me by throwing rocks and telling me to leave until one of them trys to get close to me and brings me in. Will I let him should I? Or should I hurt the others. I try until the other 4 hurt me again and I change. when I say change I mean I'm not a dog anymore. will he fall for me or will I leave and take revenge on the others?


3. The Babysitter


I woke up to a doorbell I jumped off the bed and the door was open a crack so I listened.

''So I'll be back by 5:00 to pick him up'' said a female voice

''Ok that's great see you later then.'' I think it was Zack that said that

Then I heard the door close. I slowly opened the door with my nose and walked out the boys were in the kitchen talking about me but I didn't care so I kept walking into the living area. I saw a little kid he came up to me and kinda wacked me up side the head and said ''doggy good doggy'' in a whisper. Then hugged me then walked back to his toys. I walked up next to him and laid down.

He got up again and sat on my back and pulled on my ears. Then said ''giddy up horsey.'' So I got up very slowly and carefully so I didn't drop him and walked around the couch in circles. He started to laugh and scream at the same time then the boys walked in and looked kinda shocked. The kid then yelled ''Horsey go to Zack!'' I obeyed and walked up to Zack and laid back down so he could get off. Zack immediately grabbed him and yelled ''bad dog that's very bad!'' in a very high tone which made me flinch and whimper.

I bolted for the front door and started clawing at it howling for help from my very little pack. Zack came up and said ''I'm sorry its ok your a good-'' but he got cut off when he heard the faint howling of my pack. I howled once more to let them know my location and to come help me.


I then started to whimper because I missed them and my mate. I remember when we met we were both humans before we got caught on the mission together and we escaped together.

''Is that your pack?'' Zack said in a whisper

I just whimpered and clawed at the door again.

Zack came up and opened the door as soon as I got the chance I bolted onto the front yard and stopped in the middle. I howled once more and my pack came up behind me. And my mate rubbed up against me and purred I did the same and licked his ear a sign of love.

I looked back at Zack and growled my pack soon caught on and started to growl too while creeping closer. Zack yelled for the boys to call animal control and the cops but we kept growling and creeping closer and closer till we saw the lights. And a animal behaviorist we then howled all at the same time a sign that means we'll be back soon. Then bolted towards the woods we had to get out of town for now until everything clears up.


After they all left some guy came up to me and said '' my name is Eddie I am a animal behaviorist.'' And stuck his hand out for me to shake it I took it and said ''Zack''.


''Nice to meet you Zack but uh do you know what that meant?''

''What what meant?'' I asked confused

''The howling all at once?''

''Urm no not really.''

''Well I thought you should know that it meant that they're coming for you.''

''What do you mean?'' I asked on the verge of breaking out into panic mode.

''I mean they are going to hunt you down and kill you matter what the means''

''Ok that's great gotta go bye Eddie'' I said really fast and slamming the door in his face.

I sunk down to my knees and stared freaking out and pulling at my hair.

''Zack?'' Jack whispers as he crawled into my lap.

''Why are you upset?''

''Because I'm in a big mess.''

''What kind of mess? Mommy says that you should clean up your messies.''

I chuckled at the thought of being a child like him not even caring what I'm saying I mean hes a kid who the hell cares?

''Not that kind of mess Jack a mess that you can't get out of.''

Now that I think about it, how am I going to get out of this?


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