My life as a dog

I am a dog, a stray to be exact. I look like a wolf I am white as can be and a bit small because i'm still growing and I'm still a puppy. No one wants me, I live where there are famous people until I meet a group of rich guys. At first 4 of them abused me by throwing rocks and telling me to leave until one of them trys to get close to me and brings me in. Will I let him should I? Or should I hurt the others. I try until the other 4 hurt me again and I change. when I say change I mean I'm not a dog anymore. will he fall for me or will I leave and take revenge on the others?


4. 6 Weeks later, The plan



Its been a while now. I haven't slept in a long time I haven't seen Candy for a long time. I'm starting to relax again I think she's gone and not coming back for a while so I don't think I have to worry anymore. But I can still hear their howls every night it's far but I can still hear them.


''6 weeks, 6 weeks'' I growled. ''And he still hasn't done anything'' I snarled at my looker

''Yes Mam but my team and I are trying our best to get some way for him to get out maybe we just need to leave for a while and come back in, maybe a month or so?'' He said scared.

''That just might be a good idea and I know where to.'' I said with a creepy laugh at the end.

''Thomas'' I howled to my second best fighter.

''Yes mam.'' He said walking up to me.

''Get the troops ready to move out we need to leave as soon as possible.''

''Yes mam anything else?''

''No. Now move it people, we are moving out in an hour.'' I yelled to the group.


~An hour later~

We started walking out I was the lead of course. A couple hours later I saw a little kid outside in the front of a yard so I decided we would make camp in the woods next to the house. I then realized it was that kid at Zack's house so we decided we would stay here for a month or 2.

I walked up behind the kid he couldn't see me but the mother could. She was so shocked she couldn't even move so she just stood there till she yelled.

''Get away from him Jack come here.'' That only made me go closer.

''But why mommy? I don't wanna.'' Jack protested

He turned around and squealed ''Doggy you came back.'' He ran up and hugged me then climed on my back and did a cute little baby giggle.

''Jack get down.'' His mother said in a shaky voice. She started to walk up to me, I instantly growled at her and walked away with Jack on my back towards the woods. I turned around again to see his mother running into the house and looking out the window crying on the phone I turned around and walked towards camp. Once I steped foot in the camp all eyes were on me. My mate Cameron walked up to me and said.

''Who is this and why is he here?''

''Oh this is Jack and he's our way of getting revenge and-'' I was cut of by Jack jumping off my back and going on to Cameron.

''Black doggy.'' He said while laying on top of him and start to fall asleep.

''We are going to move later and we are going to keep the kid for a while.'' I said while walking away.

''Oh and one more thing get him to a bed he seems to like you.'' I said while running off.

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