Finally Falling

Casey was moving to London. She had 5 boys as neighbors. Will she fall in love with one of them? Read to find out.


2. Moving in

                                 I went upstairs and picked the biggest room as my room. 

                                 I picked the one on the right. It was pretty big! It had a big

                                 bathroom too. The bedroom had a king bed. I covered it in

                                 plastic wrap so no paint will get on it. I painted my room a 

                                 lavender color. It was gorgeous color. As it was drying i went 

                                 downstairs to see a fireplace with 2 black leather couches and

                                 a matching love seat. I moved the to look better. There was a 

                                 knock on the door. I walked over and opened it. 

                                 "Hi, Were your neighbors! That's Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and 

                                  i'm Harry." 

                                 "Hey, didn't i meet you at the airport?"

                                 "Oh yeah! Hey Casey!" 

                                 "Come in." 

                                 They were carrying a few boxes. 

                                 "What's the boxes for?"

                                 "There filled with welcoming gifts!" Liam said.

                                  It had a few kitchen pans and supplies, living room furniture, 

                                  towels, and Louis was carrying a tv. 

                                  "I couldn't take this from you guys!" 

                                  "No, it's okay! Were helping you out with moving in!" Zayn said. 

                                  "Well, Thank you so much!" 

                                  They helped put the furniture and everything up. I asked them to 

                                  help with my room. We walked up to my room. They helped move 

                                  dresser, side tables, and computer desk in. I started putting up my 

                                  clothes in the dresser and closet. Zayn was helping with the computer. 

                                  Liam and Niall were unpaking boxes.  Harry was helping hang up

                                  pictures and lights. They also brought me cover for my bed. It matched 

                                  the room perfectly. When we were all done, we walked downstairs to the

                                  kitchen. Shit. I needed food. 

                                  "I need to go to the store. I have no food."

                                  "Make a list and we will go for you." Louis said.

                                  "Are you sure?" 

                                  "Of course! We love to help you." Harry said.

                                  " But I don't have that much money."

                                  "We'll pay. No worries." 

                                  "I'll pay you back as soon as possible."

                                  "No need." 

                                   I started making a list. I put most needs for a couple days. They all went 

                                   to the store. I stayed home and fixed things around the house. They 

                                   came back with so many bags filled with food. They went into the kitchen

                                   and put them up.

                                   "I only needed a few things, not the whole store!" 

                                   "We wanted to buy this for you. You need food." Niall said. 

                                   "Thank you so much!" I gave them all hugs. 

                                    They decided to go home since it was getting late. I went upstairs to take a 

                                    shower. I got changed into gray shorts and a pink take top. I got into bed and

                                    went to sleep. 

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