Finally Falling

Casey was moving to London. She had 5 boys as neighbors. Will she fall in love with one of them? Read to find out.


9. Harry kissed her..

                           *Casey's POV

                            I finally got off of work. Harry told me to come to his house 

                            but not to knock because he didn't want to get up. He and

                            his lazy bum. I went inside and went to Harry's room. I 

                            opened up to find him kissing another girl. She was 20x more 

                            prettier than me and she was also skinnier than me. I looked into

                            Harry's eyes. He knew he was caught. We weren't dating but he

                            was still mine. I felt tears run down my cheeks. I ran out of his place 

                            and ran into my place. I started sobbing and locked the front door.

                             I ran into my room and called Niall. He offered to come get me and 

                             let me stay at his. I climbed out my widow because I heard Harry 

                             knocking on the door. Niall was waiting in his car in the driveway. 


                             *Harry's POV

                             I kept knocking on Casey's door. Still no answer. I was going to go back 

                             until I saw Niall's car. I turned back around and saw Casey. Her eyes were

                             red and puffy from crying. 


                              She didn't say anything. She just shoved me out of the way. She had a bag 

                               full of clothes. What was she doing. She got into Niall's Car. They drove off.

                               I walked home and saw the my ex was gone. Finally. I went into my room 

                               and try to call Cassie. No answer. I walked downstairs still trying to call her. 

                               I heard her phone going off. She dropped it when she was running out of my

                              place. Great. I tried calling Niall. 

                              "Hey man" 

                              "What's Casey doing there?" 

                              "She didn't know what to do so she called me and asked me to pick her up."

                              "Can I please talk to her?" Niall handed the phone to Casey. 

                              "What Harry?" 

                               "Okay so the reason why you saw me kissing a girl was because my ex 

                               knocked on my door and randomly barged in and went to my room, then 

                               I asked her what it will take for her to leave my life for good and she said a

                               kiss so i gave her a 2 second kiss and tried to pull away but she gabbed me

                               and wouldn't let go. Look I never meant to hurt you Casey. Please forgive me."

                               "Okay.. Now come get me you fool." She said laughing. 

                               "Okay, Princess." 

                                I hung up and went to go get her. I'm so glad she's mine again. 

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