Finally Falling

Casey was moving to London. She had 5 boys as neighbors. Will she fall in love with one of them? Read to find out.


10. Finally

                                  *Casey's POV 

                                  3 weeks past and I'm falling in love with Harry. Me and Harry 

                                  hanging out at my place. We were watching different movies 

                                  and eating popcorn, chips, and chocolate. We were also 

                                  drinking tea. After we got bored with the movies we were playing

                                  would you rather.  

                                  "You know Casey I think I love you." Harry said embarrased.

                                  "I think I love you too, Harry." 

                                   As soon as he heard that his head shot up. 



                                  "Casey, will you be my girlfriend? 

                                  "Of course." 

                                  We shared a kiss and finished our fun night. We then both fell

                                  asleep cuddling. 

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