Finally Falling

Casey was moving to London. She had 5 boys as neighbors. Will she fall in love with one of them? Read to find out.


4. Dinner date

                             *Casey's POV

                             I was wearing a baby blue dress with black heels. My hair 

                            was still curled from earlier. I heard my doorbell go off. I 

                            opened the door to a smiling Harry with 12 roses. I smiled 

                            and put the roses in a vase. 

                            "You look beautiful." 

                            "Thank you. You don't look to bad yourself." 

                            We left and drove to a fancy italian restruant. We sat down and 

                            ordered our food. 

                             "So why did you want to go to dinner with me?"

                             "To get to know each other better." 

                             All through dinner we talked about our lives. Then we paid and went 


                             "I had a great time tonight." 

                             "Yeah me too." 

                              Our faces were so close. All the sudden i felt his lips on mine. There

                              were so many sparks. I kissed back. He pulled away and smiled. 

                              "Goodnight, Gorgeous."

                              "Goodnight, Handsome." 

                              I went inside and got changed and went to bed. 


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