Finally Falling

Casey was moving to London. She had 5 boys as neighbors. Will she fall in love with one of them? Read to find out.


1. Plane Ride

                                 I got to the airport and got in line to go on the plane. I was moving 

                                 to London. I got tired of New York. I finally got on the plane and into

                                 my seat. I put my bags in the carrier thing and sat down with my carry 

                                 on bag. I had books, magazines, and my music during the flight. I 

                                 got to London. I got my bags and walked off the plane. I went into the 

                                 airport. As i was walking i bumped into someone. 

                                  "Oh I'm so sorry!" 

                                  "No, it's okay. No harm." 

                                  It was a boy with curly hair. I remember him sitting in first class on the

                                  plane. He has gorgeous green eyes. He had a half smile on his face.

                                   "I'm Harry. Nice to meet you uh-"


                                   "Nice to meet you Casey. You have a beautiful name."

                                   "Nice to meet you to, Harry." 

                                   "Well, I better get going, my rides here." 

                                   "Oh, Okay. Bye Harry!" 

                                   I got into a taxi and went to my new apartment. It had a living room, 

                                   2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen. It even had a pool in the 

                                   back. Nice.




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