Young and Beautiful (RE-WRITING IT)

Elena Hadid is Fifteen years old. She's brunette, 5'8 tall, she has white skin and big beautiful brown eyes. She lives in a beautiful big house in Calabasas, Los Angeles with her Dad, her Mom and her little sister Isabelle; she's thirteen. She also has a older sister; Alaia. She lives in L.A, but she's married now.

Elena attends to Sierra Canyon high school. She's popular but she isn't a mean girl. She has a big group of amazing friends. Her best friend is Lily van der Woodsen; brunette, 5'2 tall, a little bit skin tanned, she has brown eyes. They met in primary school. They love to go shopping, parties, concerts, and obviously they love going to Coachella.

Elena doesn't have a fandom. She loves One Direction and Justin Bieber's music, but she isn't crazy about them. But her sister Isabelle completely loves Justin Bieber! She is always listening and worshiping him. Let's say she's a proud Belieber.

Staples Center, 7:00 pm, two tickets, Bieber's concert. Elle and Isa take over. OLLG


11. Texas Boy

— Elena

"We careful, look what you've done!" I said angrily, I lifted my head from my wet clothes, I could not believe who was in front of me. Austin Mahone.

"Elena Hadid? The Texas boy asked.

"Ho- how do you know my name?" I asked confused.

"Everyone knows about you, Bieber's new girl".

"What did he said? Bieber's new girl? So thats my name know" I thought angry, but I didn't know why. "Oh" I said.

"Would you let me pay you a new pair of clothes, those ones are ruined?" He asked worried.

"Don't worry! It's OK, It was my fault anyways". 

"No, Elena, let me, please" He touched my shoulder kindly. 

"Okay" I smiled. 

— Justin

It's already four in the afternoon and Elena has not come back yet. I'm starting to worry. She's on the streets of New York alone.

"Where's she?" I asked angry.

"Calm down Justin, she'll be back soon" Ryan said trying to calm me down.

"Sit in the couch and answer some tweets" Alfredo said giving me my Mac Book. I agreed.

I sat between Ryan and Fredo. We like to answer the tweets my Beliebers sent me, together. We were scrolling at my Twitter's dashboard when we saw a particular new: "Austin Mahone stills Bieber's Girl"

"Don't open it, Don't you dare" Ryan threatened me. I open it.

Austin Mahone with Bieber's Girl at a Date in New York

As you read, Austin and Bieber's Girl, Elena Hadid, Were on a romantic date in the streets of New York.

Elena joined her "supposed" boyfriend the past 26 of July to his Believe tour in North America. We've seen them before on romantic dates at L.A., but the magic is over between Jelena 2.0? We think yes, we saw Elena and Austin Mahone very happy together today in the morning in the 5th Avenue. 

Your fish caught a new fishing rod Justin. 

— Elena

"Omg Austin, I love spending the day together, I needed this" I said hugging him.

"I have so much fun too Elena, hope see you later" Austin entered his Range Rover.

I entered the lobby of the hotel we were spending, I used the elevator to get to my room in the floor 18. I wanted to spend time with the boys, so I decided to go to their room and ask if they wanted to go to somewhere.

I knocked at the door. "Who's this?" I think Alfredo asked.

"It's me, Elena, can I come in? are you visible?" I laughed.

"S- sure" He answered, I opened the door, finding the boys sitting in the couch with Justin's MacBook.

"How was your day boys?" I said with a big smile.

"It's was go.." Ryan said but Justin interrupt, he stood up.

"I want to asked how was yours Elena" Justin said in a pissed way.

"Mine was great, I have so much fun".

"With Austin right?" He said more pissed this time.

"Yeah, he's a great guy". 

"And what, now you're dating?".

"Come on bro, stop it" Ryan said.

"No, no let me finish, so you're dating right? I'm not surprised, you're a little slut".

"Justin! cut it off" Ryan shouted.

"Omg I won't pretend I listened that" I said pissed.

"Please pretend that you listen to it".

"Are you jealous Justin?".

"Of you and Austin, please no".

"So whats your damn problem" I shouted.

"You, that's my fucking problem right now, you, I don't even know why you're here".

"What happened to you, I don't get it, first you promised me you won't date again Selena, and guess what, I'm not an idiot, I found out what both of you did on her birthday".

"I would never want you, don't you get it?" Justin shouted, pissed, angry, sad, he was just another person.

I just wanted to get out of that room. He stepped off my limit. I needed to get away. Why he said such horrible things? What happened to him?. I didn't know him anymore. I needed to go back home.

I packed my things as fast as I could, I didn't left a note. My pride didn't let me. When I got to the lobby I asked for a cab. The cabman helped me with my suitcases. 

"To the train station please, and as fast as you can".

On our way I text my mom and Lily. I wrote to them I was on my way home. When we got to the train station, I paid the cabman and he helped me getting out my stuff of the cab. I walked to the ticket window.

"Hi darling" The lady behind the window said.


"Where do you wanna go?".


"How many?".


"We only have one that makes a stopover in Texas, do you wanna take it?".

"Yeah, I need some time alone".


Quick Hello from the Author:

hi girrrrls! I hope you're enjoying this fanfic. I love writing every chapter of it, I have so much fun, really!

Sorry for not loading any Chapter in like, 4 months. I'm so, so, so sorry. I have had a lot of homework, and projects. I'll promise you I'll make a space in my week to write another chapter.

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