Young and Beautiful (RE-WRITING IT)

Elena Hadid is Fifteen years old. She's brunette, 5'8 tall, she has white skin and big beautiful brown eyes. She lives in a beautiful big house in Calabasas, Los Angeles with her Dad, her Mom and her little sister Isabelle; she's thirteen. She also has a older sister; Alaia. She lives in L.A, but she's married now.

Elena attends to Sierra Canyon high school. She's popular but she isn't a mean girl. She has a big group of amazing friends. Her best friend is Lily van der Woodsen; brunette, 5'2 tall, a little bit skin tanned, she has brown eyes. They met in primary school. They love to go shopping, parties, concerts, and obviously they love going to Coachella.

Elena doesn't have a fandom. She loves One Direction and Justin Bieber's music, but she isn't crazy about them. But her sister Isabelle completely loves Justin Bieber! She is always listening and worshiping him. Let's say she's a proud Belieber.

Staples Center, 7:00 pm, two tickets, Bieber's concert. Elle and Isa take over. OLLG


2. ONE Less Lonely Girl


Cody Simpson and Carly Rae Jepsen opened the concert with the song Good Time. The audience was shouting and crying; and Isabelle too. When Justin appeared, the crowed went even crazier. The concert had thirty minutes and it was getting cool. Isabelle and I were singing and dancing. I was taking photos of me and my sister with my Polaroid and Cannon; I also took of the audience and Justin.

"Five more songs and we'll know who is the One Less Lonely Girl" Isa said to me.



"Lucky girl".

Justin sang Die In Your Arms and Beautiful with Carly Rae Jepsen. Isabelle was crying, she was a couple meters away from her idol; I hugged her and we sang to. Beautiful was about to end when I felt someone touching my shoulder.

"Hi, I'm Ryan Butler, I'm Justin's best friend and I am accompanied him on his tour, so obviously I'm in the Bieber Team. And today I have the assignment to pick the One Less Lonely Girl. And when I saw you in the rows while ago knew you'd be perfect for today, then what do you say?" he said smiling.


"She'll love to!" my sister said.

"Isabelle, this is your dream, you should go!".

"I always knew that you and Justin will meet and fall in love".

"But Isa".

"No buts Isa, I have Ed remember?" 

"Okay, I'll be your One Less Lonely Girl Ryan" I smiled "Only for you Sissy!".

"So.. let's go!, Justin is waiting for you" he smiled at me, he showed the direction with his hand "You first please".

"What a gentleman Ryan" I smiled and we started walking.

"What's your name"

"Elena Hadid" I smiled.

"And how old are you?" Ryan asked.

"I'm fifteen in a couple months sixteen".

"Are you having a party?".


"You have to invite me!".

"Obviously!" we laughed.

"Do you have a boyfriend Elena?".

"You're so flirty Ryan and no, I don't have a boyfriend" we laughed.

"I asked you because the One Less Lonely Girls we choose and if they have a boyfriend, they get a little jealous" he laughed.

"Well the only jealous man in my case will be my dad" we laughed.

"You're the best Elena!".

"You too" I smiled.

We arrived to the backstage. The music was even louder. I recognized a few people who Isa had showed me like Alfredo, Scooter and Kenny.

"Well done Ryan! this is the perfect" Alfredo said "What's your name sweetheart?.

"Elena" I smiled.

"Who's the One Less Lonely Girl?" Scooter said.

"Me" I said shyly.

"Don't be nervous sweetheart, the nervous one is Justin" we laughed, Scooter touched his ear- microphone "Elena, is your turn" he smiled.

"Oh my god" I breathed deeply and Scooter took me with the dancers.

The dancers said me such motivating things that made the nerves go away. When I stepped the stage, my heart stopped to see and hear so many people shouting. It was awsome! The dancers brought me a chair where I sat down. The song started, but I couldn't saw Justin until I feel some warm hands cover my eyes. When he or she removed it's hands, turned around to see who the person was; it was Justin. He placed in my head a flower crown, then he hugged me and sang me in the ear; it was so great. As the song went on, Justin took my hands, danced around me and stuff like that. Near the end of the song, he took my hands, but this time he got me up, He pulled me closer to him, he put his hands on my hips, I put mine on his neck. I just listened to the audience going crazy. Justin and I started to dance; I lay my head on his shoulder. A dancer handed Justin a bouquet of flowers, Justin handed them to me and then gave me a hug, but this time it came with something more; a kiss on the neck. The song was over, a dancer walked me back to the backstage.

"I can't believe that just happened" I thought.

"You were incredible up there!" Alfredo hugged me.

"You rock it Elena!" Ryan joined the hug.

"I never seen Justin do that, you were certainly special!" Scooter hugged me.

"Thank you guys" I smiled at them.

"No, thank you" Kenny said behind me, I turned and I hugged him; I just needed to do that.

"Kenny, please take Elena to her seats to enjoy the rest of the show" Scooter said.

"Sure" Kenny placed his hand on my shoulder and we started walking.

"Sure Justin, I'll give them to her" I heard Scooter "Wait Elena!" Kenny and I turned around.


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