Young and Beautiful (RE-WRITING IT)

Elena Hadid is Fifteen years old. She's brunette, 5'8 tall, she has white skin and big beautiful brown eyes. She lives in a beautiful big house in Calabasas, Los Angeles with her Dad, her Mom and her little sister Isabelle; she's thirteen. She also has a older sister; Alaia. She lives in L.A, but she's married now.

Elena attends to Sierra Canyon high school. She's popular but she isn't a mean girl. She has a big group of amazing friends. Her best friend is Lily van der Woodsen; brunette, 5'2 tall, a little bit skin tanned, she has brown eyes. They met in primary school. They love to go shopping, parties, concerts, and obviously they love going to Coachella.

Elena doesn't have a fandom. She loves One Direction and Justin Bieber's music, but she isn't crazy about them. But her sister Isabelle completely loves Justin Bieber! She is always listening and worshiping him. Let's say she's a proud Belieber.

Staples Center, 7:00 pm, two tickets, Bieber's concert. Elle and Isa take over. OLLG


17. Okay? Okay


Justin said to me te amo. He is the cutest boy ever! He made me feel so good. I was blushed like for all the day!

We answered a few tweets more. When the food arrived, Justin went for it and left his phone in the couch. I took my chance to demonstrate Beliebers how much I care about them and Justin. I followed all the sweet and the not so sweet girls that tweet us at our #askJustinandElena, and of course I followed some girls that tweeted Justin nice things and he didn't notice.

"What were you doing with my phone baby?" Justin asked from the kitchen.

"I was following some of your Beliebers that asked for your follow, is that bad?, I can unfollow them if you want to" I gave him an embarrassed smile. He walked towards me and sat beside me.

"That's the sweetest thing you could do" He grabbed me towards him, placed his hands in my cheeks and kissed me. When we separated, we stay close, head to head. "I love you Elles".

"I love you too Justin" I smiled at him.

"We should take the food to my bedroom to start watching the movie" He kissed my forehead.

Justin took the boxes of the food and I our drinks. In his bedroom we sat in his bed, Justin placed the food in his bed. He controlled the TV with his phone, he searched in Netflix for horror movies.

"The Human Centipede or Grave Encounters?" Justin asked.

"Have you watched both of them?".


"Let's watch the most terrifying" I kissed his cheek.

"I'll be here to hug you if you're scare okay honey?".

"Can we cuddle right now? I finish eating" I placed my empty box in the little table beside Justin's bed.

"Come here baby" He opened his arms, I laid in his chest.

Justin played Grave Encounters. The first part was boring, Justin and I kissed almost all of it. When the guys of the movie start getting scared I knew the good part was going to come.

"I should keep you closer, the scary part is about to come".

"It won't be that scary".

"I didn't sleep in two nights".

"Oh my" I hugged Justing.

By the middle I was crying. I was so scared, Justin kissed my head and rubbed my back, he whispered to me it was just a movie. He even asked if I wanted to change movie, but I denied. By the end I wasn't watching the movie, I was hidden under Justin's bed sheets.

"It already finish baby" Justin rubbed my back.

"Oh yes!" I uncovered myself.

"There's part two" He looked at me with a puppy face.

"There's a fucking part two?" I almost yelled.

"Yes baby, let's watch it, it isn't this scary" Justin hugged me.

"Justin" I looked at him with a mean face.

"Baby, please" He looked at me with a puppy face.

"Don't give that face to me!".

"Baby" He kissed my cheek.


"Please" He kissed my neck, that felt so great.

"I have a better idea honey" I went up of Justin. "We can do this until my mom call me to go home" I kissed Justin's neck, he .

"I like more your idea babe" He kissed me.

Justin and I make up for half an hour, nonstop. We rolled in his bed, we make out on the floor, he carried me to the TV room. We kissed each other, face, neck, chest. We take our thing to third base, I was so a blazed, Justin two. I left out one or two moans. Justin the hole time whispered to me, I love you. That excited me even more. We would kept making out for a few minutes more but Justin got a call.

"Shit" Justin said kissing my neck.

"Answer it" I kissed his face.

"But" He kissed my ear.

"Answer it, this won't end" Justin and I separated. I sat on his lap. Justin took out the phone and answer the call. He placed it on speaker.

Phone call

Justin: Hey mate what's up, It's Jaden honey

Elena: Oh okay

Jaden: Hi mate, are you busy?

Justin: I was in the middle of something

Jaden: Oh I'll call you later

Justin: No it's okay, I'm with Elena

Jaden: Elena, Elena?

Justin: Yes

Jaden: Hi Elena, Justin talks about you a lot

Elena: Hi Jaden

Justin: Well what's up J?

Jaden: I'm having a Halloween party tomorrow at my place, bring Elena

Justin: Do you wanna come baby?

Elena: Sure, why not

Jaden: You need to have a costume okay? Costumes are obligatory

Justin: Okay, we'll see you then

Jaden: Bye Justin, nice to meet you Elena

Elena: Same Jaden!

End of the phone call

"What we should be?" I asked.

"I don't know, tomorrow I'll pick you up from school and we will go shopping okay?" He kissed my cheek.


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