Young and Beautiful (RE-WRITING IT)

Elena Hadid is Fifteen years old. She's brunette, 5'8 tall, she has white skin and big beautiful brown eyes. She lives in a beautiful big house in Calabasas, Los Angeles with her Dad, her Mom and her little sister Isabelle; she's thirteen. She also has a older sister; Alaia. She lives in L.A, but she's married now.

Elena attends to Sierra Canyon high school. She's popular but she isn't a mean girl. She has a big group of amazing friends. Her best friend is Lily van der Woodsen; brunette, 5'2 tall, a little bit skin tanned, she has brown eyes. They met in primary school. They love to go shopping, parties, concerts, and obviously they love going to Coachella.

Elena doesn't have a fandom. She loves One Direction and Justin Bieber's music, but she isn't crazy about them. But her sister Isabelle completely loves Justin Bieber! She is always listening and worshiping him. Let's say she's a proud Belieber.

Staples Center, 7:00 pm, two tickets, Bieber's concert. Elle and Isa take over. OLLG


10. Breakfast at Tiffany's

— Elena

It's been five days since Selena's birthday party. That night, Chaz and I ordered pizza and watched some horror movies. I felt asleep in Chaz legs. 

— Chaz

The night of Selena's birthday

Elena felt asleep on my lap, I cover her  with the blanket that was on the couch. I didn't finish watching the movie, because I decided to end it with another day with Elena. So I started watching the TV series, Breaking Bad. At 4:00 am someone knocked at the door. 

"Who is it?! I can't open the door!" I shouted.

"It's me, Ryan! Why you can't open the door?!".

"Elena's sleeping on my legs, I don't wanna wake her up!".

"Okay! I'll search for my keys!" minutes later, Ryan came inside the house without Justin.

"Where's Justin?".

"Selena" sighed.

"That boy don't understand! he has a beautiful girl waiting for him!".

"We already have said him many times, now it's in his conscience do what ever he wants!".

"I don't understand him".

"Anyone does!".

"We should take Elena to a bed, she's shaking" I took Elena in my arms.

"Take her to Justin's room".

"Okay" we was carrying her to Justin's room when her foot hit with the room's door, she slowly opened her eyes.

— Elena

"Have Justin and Ryan arrived yet?" I said sleepily.

"Ryan came first, Justin will arrive later".


I remembered Chaz laying me on a bed, Justin's bed. He took off my shoes and covered me with a blanket. I remember hearing his whisper saying "Justin would come in a few minutes".

But that didn't that happened. The next morning I woke up and went to the kitchen, Chaz and Ryan were there.

"Hi Elena!" Ryan said.

"Hi guys!".

"Did you sleep well?" Chaz asked."

"Too much! Has Justin arrived yet?".

"No" Ryan said. 


"Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen together leaving the birthday girl's party at 2:00 am ""Justin can't get over Selena?", "Is Jelena back together?""Bieber already forgot his mystery girl?", "Sorry M- Girl, Justin can't forget the love of his life"

Comments all around the social media. I didn't know what to think. Maybe you wonder what was Justin's excuse?... well let me tell you that there wasn't a single one. Even, he didn't touch the topic. I clearly found out his meaning of us, excuse me, M E A N I N G L E S S. 

Head Up, Stay Strong, Fake a Smile and Move On. I remember crying all night until I felt asleep the day of the first concert in Detroit. I tried to hide my pain as much as I could. Everyone notice me the same, except for Chaz and Ryan. We were at the second concert in Newark.

"Elena, are you ok?" Chaz asked me while we were at the backstage of the second concert in Newark.

"Yeah" I faked a laugh "Why are you asking?".

"We heard you crying the other night in Detroit" Ryan said.

"I was watching a movie".

"That's a lie Nea!" Chaz said with my new nickname.

"Okay, yes, I was crying over Justin, but please don't tell anyone, not even him or Pattie!".

"Of course we won't tell them" Ryan hugged me, tears started to fall off my eyes.

"Please don't cry Elena" Chaz said, he rubbed my back.

"Let's go to a dressing room" Ryan, Chaz and I walked through Justin's dressing room, when we got there, we sat in the couch.

"Are you going to tell him how you feel?" Ryan asked.

"I just wanna go home!" I cried even more, Ryan hugged me and rubbed my back

"Are you completely sure?" Chaz asked.

"A bit".

"Come to New York and then you make your decision" Ryan said.


That night we catch a plane to New York.  I sat with Chaz. We had dinner and then I felt asleep. We got to New York at 3:00 am. A van took us to our hotel, when we got there everyone got into their room to sleep.

I woke up at 12:00 am, I called the room service to bring me my breakfast. I took a shower, I dried my body and my hair, I put body lotion. I took out of my suitcase a simple set, a black crop top, black skirt, my black Converse, my black Celine bag, my Cartier bracelets and my sunglasses. I returned to the bathroom, I brushed my hair and made two high buns. I brushed my teeth and I put some makeup on me; base, mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick. I saved in my bag my Polaroid and Cannon camera, my wallet and my hotel's room key. I took my phone and text Chaz.

Conversation in iMessage

ElenaHads: Guys, I'm to have breakfast by myself at Tiffany's, (I always wanted to say that lol, irony), see ya at lunch! Xo

— Justin

Elena has been distant from me, and I don't know why. Tell me why women are so complicated?. The afternoon we spent in Beverly Hills, she was laughing and holding hands with me. But in the concerts in Detroit and Newark she wasn't at the sound checks, hardly she was at the concerts because Ryan, Chaz or Fredo forced her to go. Elena hasn't spoke to me in like five days, I already feel I'm going crazy.

Ryan, Chaz and I were at my hotel room having breakfast and playing some video games. When a phone vibrated, I hoped it was mine indicating that Elena had sent me a message.

"It's mine!" Chaz shouted "Shit" I thought, "It's Elena" Chaz said.

"What does she says?" I asked.

"She's going to have breakfast at Tiffany's alone, irony, she says she see us at lunch".

"I always wanted to do that, maybe tomorrow" Ryan said.

"Oh, that's great".

— Elena

I walked to the nearest Starbucks on the Fifth Avenue. There I ordered a chocolate iced chai tea latte and for eat a roasted vegetable panini. Then I started walking toward the store Tiffany's, when I got there, I stood in front of a window and I started to eat my panini. While was doing that, I admired the beautiful jewels in front of me, "I wish I could buy me one" I thought. When I finished my panini, I was putting away the trash in its bag when someone bumps into me and makes my tea spilled on my clothes.

"We careful, look what you've done!" I said angrily, I lifted my head from my wet clothes, I could not believe who was in front of me.


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