The Association

Traverse City, Michigan: population 14,894
Correction: population 14,890

Four girls are dead. In this small town, murder is not a familiar term; however, in the last three years it has been. Four girls are dead. All four had three things in common. One, the girls went to the same high school. Two, they were in the same grade. Three, the four all dated Liam Payne before their deaths. The Payne's along with two other families, the Tank's and the Yule's, have "run" Traverse City for generations now. What they say goes. No, they are not the mob. These families make up something worse than the mob. The Payne's, Tank's, and Yule's make up The Association. Liam is supposed to continue the family tradition, but first he has to find the right girl to lead with. What happens to new girl, Kate Holler (population 14,891), when Liam's got his eyes set on her? Is she the one or will she face the same road that the four other girls did?


7. Weekend Bliss

"Girls?"  a distant voice says.  "Girls, wake up."

My dream begins to whither away from me as my eyes flutter open.  The bright sunlight immediately blinds me and through my squinted eyes I could see Uncle Derek standing in the doorway.  

"Dad, it's Saturday,"  Lucy whines as she puts her pillow over her head.  

Finally Saturday, oh how long I have been waiting for this day to come.  Yes I bet every teenager in town couldn't wait for the weekend but I especially yearned for it.  This week was by far the worst first week of school in the history of first week of school.

I thought my first day of school was horrific and honestly I didn't think it could get any worse.  Boy, I was completely and utterly wrong.  My plan of not getting any attention has taken a turn for the worst.  The minute I stepped into homeroom the second day all eyes were on me.  Everyone in school knows me as Liam Payne's feisty drama partner.  Practically all the girls hate me now and all the guys have their eyes glued to me!  Girls see me as a threat because it seems to be that Liam's top priority is me now.  The boys all think that I am hot stuff since I am at the "top" of Liam's girl list; well for now at least and hopefully not for long.     

My empty corner in homeroom isn't sacred anymore; now Liam, Alex, and Will block me in between the wall and the three of them.  Infesting the area around the boys are slutty, desperate girls which the three pigs don't even pay any attention to.  Throughout homeroom they constantly talk to me, flirt, and annoy me.  They are like little bugs that no matter how many times you hit them they never die.   

"And it's past 11:00.  Surely you don't want to waste your day in bed and you must be hungry.  I can make you breakfast or maybe I should make you lunch," he wonders out loud.

"I can eat in my dream," she mumbles.  

"Lucy get your ass out of bed before I drag it out of bed!"

"Fine I'm up, I'm up."  

"You too Kate."

"I'm awake, don't worry,"  I mutter as I push back the sheets.  Slowly I get out of my bed and reach out my arms stretching each tight muscle.  

"Luc how about you take Kate to The Jive for lunch and then you can do whatever you want afterwards,"  Uncle Derek suggests.  

"The Jive?"  I question raising an eyebrow.  

"It's this popular restaurant cafe that everyone goes too.  You would think their food sucks but it is actually pretty good,"  Lucy explains.  

"Okay be ready in fifteen minutes.  I'll drive you over there,"  he says leaving our room.  


"I'll have a Caesar salad with an ice tea,"  Lucy tells our waitress.  

"And for you?" she questions looking up over her glasses towards me.  

I scan the large menu once more second guessing myself.  "I'll have the grilled chicken salad with a Sprite."  

"Alright thank you."  Our waitress weaves her way through the busy restaurant packed with noisy teenagers, snotty adults , working business people, and wholesome families.  Lucy and I were offered to sit at the tables on the sidewalk just outside The Jive and we gladly accepted the offer.  It is a nice sunny day here in Traverse City so Lucy and I thought why not?  Plus apart from the normal sounds of the cars and people passing by it is quiet and serene.

"Don't look now but that cute guy two tables away from us is staring at you,"  Lucy whispers.  

"Ugh not again!"  Really here too?  Usually I would be flattered that a guy is staring at me because back home no guy even looked my way; but here the only reason guys look at me is because of Liam.  

"I don't think he is like those creeps at school.  Just turn around and flash him a smile."  

Curiosity urges me to take a quick glance and temptation literally pushes my head to turn.  There he is two tables away from us just like Luc said and he is cute.  Dark brown curls fall sloppily over his forehead and his piercing blue eyes are looking straight into mine.  He kind of looks like a young Aaron Johnson.  A small smile dances across his lips and I return the favor.  

"Wow he is cute,"  I say weakly turning back to face Lucy.  

"Why don't you go over and talk to him?"

"No I can't!"

"Oh come on Kate just go over there and say 'hi'" she urges.  

"No Luc I'll just embarrass myself.  Besides a guy that good looking probably has a girlfriend."

"Well don't look now because here he comes."

My head whips arounds to see him start walking towards our table.  Gosh he is tall, probably 5'11", and look those muscles!  You can easily see the six pack underneath his white t-shirt.  Quickly I start to play with my hair and fumble with my tank top.  

"You're good,"  Lucy reassures.  

"Hi I couldn't help but notice that I recognize you from one of my classes," the cute boy says with a smile. 

Oh crap he goes to school with me which probably means he knows me as Liam Payne's feisty drama partner.  I knew this was too good to be true.  "Really which one?"


I try to remember if I have ever saw him in English before.  Maybe I have but I really don't recall seeing a guy this hot in my class.  

"Okay yeah maybe you're in my class,"  I say trying to act as cool and collected as possible.  

"You were the one that read the poem in class right?"  he asks.  

"Yeah I was."  Even though Mr.  Craye gave me a pass for the summer assignment I still felt really bad I didn't do anything; so instead I wrote a poem and  Mr.  Craye insisted that I read it out loud.  Trust me I was not all too happy about that but it seemed like the class really enjoyed it even though I bet none of them understood what I meant by it.  I dedicated the poem to my parents and I wrote about their struggle without actually saying that they are alcoholics.  

"I loved the whole concept of the joys and sorrows about winning a battle.  The fact that you won the battle is great but also the other fact that so many people died and you most likely lost yourself in the middle isn't really a positive.  But it wasn't really about a battle was it?  It was about life,"  the boy states.  

"Wow you actually understood what I was saying,"  I acknowledge completely shocked.  

"Well I love poetry and reading.  I sound so much like a nerd but trust me I'm not, I play lacrosse too."

"I don't play lacrosse but I do love reading and art."

"Really?  My dad owns an art gallery.  Maybe one time I can take you?"  he asks, his eyes gleaming with hope.  

"That would be great!"

"Cool, well here is my number. Text me sometime alright?"  He hands over a piece of paper and I eagerly take it as I smile ear to ear.  

"I'll definitely do."

"I look forward to it."

Slowly I turn back to face Lucy and the smile on her face is so big and bright that it could give light to the whole world! 

"His name," Lucy says through her teeth. 

"What?"  I whisper back to her.

"Ask him his name?"

Immediately I look back at the boy who is still standing by our table.  I can tell he is trying to hold back a laugh.  "Wait I'm sorry what's your name?"  I ask stupidly.  Why didn't I ask that in the first place.  Why didn't he ask?  Maybe he already knows.    



"Well I'll see you around Kate,"  Jason says as he walks off.     

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