The Association

Traverse City, Michigan: population 14,894
Correction: population 14,890

Four girls are dead. In this small town, murder is not a familiar term; however, in the last three years it has been. Four girls are dead. All four had three things in common. One, the girls went to the same high school. Two, they were in the same grade. Three, the four all dated Liam Payne before their deaths. The Payne's along with two other families, the Tank's and the Yule's, have "run" Traverse City for generations now. What they say goes. No, they are not the mob. These families make up something worse than the mob. The Payne's, Tank's, and Yule's make up The Association. Liam is supposed to continue the family tradition, but first he has to find the right girl to lead with. What happens to new girl, Kate Holler (population 14,891), when Liam's got his eyes set on her? Is she the one or will she face the same road that the four other girls did?


6. Silence: A Girl's Loudest Cry

As I lie in bed the quietness of the night envelopes around me; but that only makes my thoughts scream even louder.  My whaling thoughts are like the lost souls in hell that are begging for salvation.  The events of today are like a scary movie in my mind constantly on replay as sleep still hasn't taken control of my body.  I have always been fond of scary movies, in fact I rather watch a horror film instead of one of those mushy Nicholas Sparks movies, but this has got to be the most frightening movie of them all!  

"Kate are you awake?"  Lucy asks in the darkness of our room. 

"Yeah,"  I say in return.  

"I wanted to see if you are alright.  You didn't talk much during dinner and you didn't tell me how the rest of your day went."

"Oh it was something."

"Well I bet it wasn't as bad as the girl who was paired up to be Liam's partner in his last class.  I heard she gave him a tough time.  Poor girl stuck with the king of all imbeciles."

Quickly I sit up straight as I run my fingers through the knots in my hair.  I glance over to the digital clock on the bedside table; 11:17.  Even through the dark I can see the puzzling look on Lucy's tired face.  

"Don't tell me,"  she drags the sentence out as Lucy sits up herself.  Slowly and regretfully I nod my head and I hear her gasp which cuts through the silence.  

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know.  I was kind of trying to forget about it I guess,"  I mumble.  

"Alright, what did he do?  What did he say?"

Let's see how well I know you.  Your name is Katherine Holler, but you like to be called Kate and you despise the nickname Katie.  You just moved here from Onsted, Michigan and you live with your uncle, Derek Pavako, and your two cousins.  Your cousin Lucy is not just your cousin but also your best friend.  Did I get that right?  

His words echo in my mind over and over again only to give me the chills.  Those brown eyes are plastered in my brain and they keep wandering my body and that pink pair of lips are welded into that smirk I hate so much.  

"Kate!"  Lucy yells in the darkness.  I snap out of my thoughts and I am immediately drawn to her worried face.  "Are you okay you look sick."  She hops out of her bed and sprints across the cold floor to mine.  

"I don't understand how he knows so much already."

"Wait what?"

"Liam, he knows so much about me.  I didn't even tell him my name, yet he knew that I just moved here from Onsted and I am living with you."

"That's impossible," Lucy claims.  

"Well apparently it is and he seemed so confident blurting out all those facts about me.  He knew he wasn't wrong in anything he said.  I don't understand; I just officially moved in yesterday,"  I proclaim.  

"It's scary how fast information gets to The Association."  

"You think that's how Liam knows?"

"It's the only way he could know.  I wouldn't even be surprised if Liam fixed his schedule to make sure he would be in drama with you and paid Peter to pair the two of you up."  

Now that Lucy said it this doesn't surprise me either.  However if this is true that means he likes me or wants to be my friend or worse he wants me to be one of his girls.  Oh that's not going to happen, not even in hell!    

"So now I am stuck with him as my partner,"  I sigh.  

"My advice is keep it professional.  Don't let him take advantage of you and don't fall for that smirk.  Oh and try not to get the female lead in the play because Liam is always the male lead.  You don't want to end up kissing him on stage with the whole town watching,"  Lucy suggests as she walks over to her bed.  

"Trust me, that was my plan all along."

"Well goodnight; try your best to get some sleep."


I close my eyes trying my hardest not to picture those puppy dog brown orbs.  I attempt to push all thoughts out of my mind that relate to today's incident, tomorrow's future, Liam, his friends, their messed up families, this town, or The Association as I pray that sleep takes over soon.     

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