The Association

Traverse City, Michigan: population 14,894
Correction: population 14,890

Four girls are dead. In this small town, murder is not a familiar term; however, in the last three years it has been. Four girls are dead. All four had three things in common. One, the girls went to the same high school. Two, they were in the same grade. Three, the four all dated Liam Payne before their deaths. The Payne's along with two other families, the Tank's and the Yule's, have "run" Traverse City for generations now. What they say goes. No, they are not the mob. These families make up something worse than the mob. The Payne's, Tank's, and Yule's make up The Association. Liam is supposed to continue the family tradition, but first he has to find the right girl to lead with. What happens to new girl, Kate Holler (population 14,891), when Liam's got his eyes set on her? Is she the one or will she face the same road that the four other girls did?


5. Meeting the Devil

No.  Hell no.  Those words did not just come out of Peter's mouth.  I am delusional and this is all an imagination.  Liam looks over his shoulder and shows me his pearly whites.  No, this can't be real life, it just can't!  I must fix this.

Briskly I stand up and start my way down the stairs with the intention that I will just talk to Peter.  He seems like a reasonable guy; I could say...wait what can I say?  I don't have a plausible excuse.  Saying that I am scared or intimidated by this guy I don't even know doesn't make any sense.  If I said that I want nothing to do with him that wouldn't sound right either; it would just sound stuck up and rude.  

Just as I am about to pass him Liam abruptly picks himself up from his seat and barricades my way down the stairs.  Liam's tall, muscular body towers over me like a skyscraper.  He stares down at me still working his smirk;  I guess that's his signature look.  All day he has worn that smirk on his stupid, beautiful face of his and the girls have been falling for it; however I just want to smack it off his face!

"Kate Holler right?"  Liam asks in his deep, smooth, silky voice that anyone could fall for.  Hold up, Liam has an accent.  I thought he lived in Traverse City his whole life.  Why would he have a British accent?    

"How the hell do you know my name?  This is my first day; only one person in this entire school knows me,"  I snap.  

"I'm Liam Payne.  You're in my homeroom right?"  He completely ignores my question.  


"Ouch,"  Liam places his hand over his chest as if he is suffering from a heart attack.  "I have a feeling you don't like me very much."

"Wow you catch on quickly,"  I banter sarcastically.  Truthfully I am not a sarcastic person; but whenever I am put out of my comfort zone sarcasm just spills out like a waterfall.  It is the only way I can defend myself without really defending myself.  

"Feisty,  I like you."

Oh no, please don't say that.  The last thing I need is for Liam Payne to like me.  

"Well the relationship is not mutual."

"I bet in at least a week it will be,"  he says confidently. 

"How can you assume that?  You just met me and you don't even know me!"  

"Let's see how well I know you.  Your name is Katherine Holler, but you like to be called Kate and you despise the nickname Katie.  You just moved here from Onsted, Michigan and you live with your uncle, Derek Pavako, and your two cousins.  Your cousin Lucy is not just your cousin but also your best friend.  Did I get that right?"  Liam crosses his arms across his chest self-confident in his statements.  

Instantly I freeze.  My hands clam up, my breathing hitches, and my heart skips a beat.  I've only officially known Liam Payne for about two minutes and yet he practically knows the synopsis of my life.  I'm surprised he didn't mention my parents.    

"H-how do you know all that?"  I stutter, fear evident in my voice.  

A mischievous glimmer plays in his eyes.  "I have my ways."

"O-oh."  I can't manage the overwhelming amount of fear that is controlling my body.  

Liam's face softens and he reaches out to hold my hand to comfort me; but I instantaneously pull away.  "Did I scare you?"

I take in a cool breath and compose myself as best as I can.  "Let's just do the assignment."         

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