One day, a much loved boy called Joel goes missing. No trace of him was found. The Japan Task Force immediately jumps onto the case and find themselves pulled into what seems to be an inexplicable case of serial kidnappings and memory wipings. This brings in the new detective, Ellene Lester, an unusual, eccentric yet super-talented teenage girl and her sarcastic assistant Lucia. More kidnappings follow. Will Ellene, Lucia and the Task Force find the culprit in time?

1. Joel

Lucia's POV I believe he was just a normal, average nineteen year old. He'd finished his courses and had dropped out of Uni for a few years to work out what he wanted to do with his life. In a permanent state of mild exerstensial crisis. Not really unusual. He was getting along fine with his flatmate Charlie. But I guess not everything is what it seems. He went missing last week. No trace of him was found anywhere. No fingerprints, no DNA, no shreds of fabric, nothing. He'd literally just vanished. Charlie, being part of our Task Force, had tried to work it out. But, as I said, there was nothing for him to go on. We told him over and over. But he wouldn't listen. Charlie is a good friend of mine. I thought he would listen to me. But no. I pushed a lock of my thick, curly red hair from my face behind my ear, hug my notebooks close to my chest. Running up the marble steps of the building, I think about the mysteries we will solve today. Me and Detective Midday. Maybe he'll give me a reward for solving it extra-quick. A cookie, maybe? God, I sound like a ten year old when I talk about rewards being cookies. But I love them so much. Oh dear, I'm drooling just thinking about cookies right now. I manage to squeeze into the lift along with four others, two of which are Tax Officers on their way to floor five, another a journalist with her wispy hair in a bun and glasses pushed up on her long slender nose, armed with a notebook and an array of pens, and the other, the manager of the seventeenth floor. God knows what the seventeenth floor is for. I discreetly push the big 23 button, not wanting anyone to know I'm part of the Task Force. We zoom up and soon the two officers step out, shortly followed by the journalist, who looks too excited for words. She gets out on the Fashion Star Magazine floor. It's just me and the manager left. "Where are you off to, little lady?" he asks me. "Nowhere, sir." "You must be going somewhere." "I'm running an errand," I say, holding up apt he box of donuts I picked up on the way here. "Ah, you're a donut girl," he says. "Well, I hope your employer gives you a nice little jam filled bun," he says with a chuckle as he steps out onto his floor. "I'd rather have a cookie, thanks," I hiss as the elevator doors close. Charlie likes cookies too. I think Joel does as well. Everyone likes cookies. I wonder if Joel is eating cookies right now...
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