Facing Frenemies, A Pitch Perfect Fanfic

This is a Pitch Perfect Fanfic.,


1. Chapter 1

Pitch Perfect Fan-Fic

        “All right nerds, let’s go with… Bruno Mars, Just the Way You Are. ” Boy, does that song bring back memories. To my right, Fat Amy smiles.

        “They better bring it.” She says. A guy walks on stage. He’s tall and has brown hair and glasses. He looks like he’d fit right in with the Treblemakers. I turn around and catch Jesse’s eye. Looks like you got competition, weirdo,  I mouth. He makes a face and mouths something back.  You don’t know that until you hear his voice. I turn around to listen to the guy. He is pretty good. He will probably make the trebles. We’re off to a good start.

        The audition goes quickly. Over 15 girls tryout but I only a few meet our standards. I turn to Fat Amy.

        “How many girls should we let in?” She shrugs and turns back to the last performer. Great, thanks for the help. I sigh, this year a lot more people tried out than last year. Everyone wants to be part of the acapella group that is predicted to win this year. Well, guess what? They need to earn it. That’s what this audition is for.

 I feel a smile forming on my lips thinking of how everything has gone great ever since our win. My dad and I have learned how to get along with each other. Kimmy Jin’s friends even congratulate me every time they see me. And Jesse…well, I’m no longer single. Unfortunately, I’m now dating a psychotic weirdo.

Everyone stands up around me and I quickly get up.

“Do you guys actually want to do the orientation thing?” I ask.  The rest of the Bellas look at me.

“Why wouldn’t we do it?”

“Well, it was weird and we are going to have to do the whole blood of the sisters’ thing.”

“It doesn’t bother me.” Fat Amy says. “Besides that stuff was good.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Dude, you’re like a vampire.” I wait a second longer and then exhale. “Okay, fine, we can do the orientation thing but you guys have to get the people there.”

“Thanks Beca.” Fat Amy gives me a hard pat on my back and for a second I’m worried. “Fat Amy?”


“Don’t do anything stupid or crazy.”

“Got it.” She says.



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