My diary

So this is my diary and I'm gonna start from a month ago so I hope u like.
XXX Cassie


2. Page .2

 So it's been a couple weeks since I got my brace on and it sucks.when I went to get my cast off I had to get my staples and 2 medal rods out of my arm. So this parts kinda gross so mabey u should skip the rest of the page. But anyway my scar where the pins are on my elbow area looks so demented. :( but in exactly 2 days I'm gonna be in Florida :) 👙👓👗🎤🎵🎶🎤🎼 I'm also practicing song songs by my fave artists so I can post them on you tube.:) the songs are: taken by one direction💛,turn your  face,wings,DNA,we are who we are,and mad house by little mix💙, get back by Demi lavato💜,come and get it by Selena Gomez💚,that power by Justin bieber 


cassie 7:30

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