My diary

So this is my diary and I'm gonna start from a month ago so I hope u like.
XXX Cassie


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  So being the stupid person I am I fell of my banister and broke my arm. Yes I was sitting on it. No I wasn't thinking. I can be so stupid. So now here is my broken arm story. So I was talking to my friend outside cos that's we're she can tell me everything. So then I sat on the banister and did a front flip and landed on my right arm and the side of my head. So then I didn't think to call my mom so then I got up and ran all over the place then once I calmed down I started to move my arm it hurt and was cracking. Then my nabors cam over and said I was fine. So I fell asleep with a bag of corn on my arm. Then I woke up and saw my mom and told her and she checked out my arm and drove me to Morton hospital. They took exrays and sent me to children's hospital in Boston. And then they starved me till sugery. I was so scared it was my first time doing sugery. After sugery my roommates dad gave me a cute stuffed bear. The bears name is George. 


cassie 1:35 

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