one direction are freaking vampires

melody is a normal 19 year old girl.
her best friend Summer is a judge directioner, but melody hates one direction.
what happens when Summer wins 2 tickets and backstage passes 4 a one direction concert.........
and they find out one directions secret


7. chapter 3

melody pov

Summer is jumping up and down wile we walk in the big arena.

"I cant wait ,we are finally meeting one direction ahhh"

"umh excuse me, but YOU are finally meeting one direction"

Summer ignores my words and starts walking to our seats.

I seriously cant believe we are front row.

we were sitting for, I think like 1 our or so when the lights went of the stage lights went on

and five boys came out.

I was still sitting while summer on the other hand was jumping around and screaming as hard as she will ever scream.

'HELLO EVERY BODY" the dude with the Irish accent said.

everybody screamed.

'ARE YOU READY'' the other dude with the mop of curls said.

and again everybody screamed , wow I have a feeling they will scream at every word the boys will say.

the boys began singing a song I guess was called little thing and followed by 4 other songs then they began answering the tweets.

one question was from summer she asked '' can you guys dance the Macarena"

then the boys started dancing the Macarena when they were done the ask were summer was  summer started jumping and saying screaming HERE.

they looked here way and spotted here then the dude with the quif looked at me and winked, I just looked the other way.

Summer was telling me how the dude I guess  name was Louis winked at her.

when the concert was done we started walking out but it didn't really work there wore really a lot of girls so I lost summer and started freaking out.






Summer pov

the concert was fantastic I wasn't really paying attention as we tried walking out .

and when I was going to tell melody that we should wait till every body was out she was gone.

this was not good I know how melody gets when she cant find me at this sort things she starts freaking out and stuff and since I hade her phone ( stupid idea) she couldn't call me or text me.

next thing I new I was pull a side by some big man.

he ask me if I was summer the summer that ask if the boys could do the Macarena

''YES I am the Macarena asking girl... why??

''then you need to come with  me miss ,o and where is you're friend..??

I don't now but heyy aren't you paul?

"Yes miss I am, now what does you're fried look like and what's here name?

"here name is melody and just ask here if she likes one direction if she tells you no its here, o and she  has bright blue eyes .

"ok thank u miss now can u wait here in this room till I find you friend ,melody.

"but wait why....."before I could ask him why I was here he was gone.

what did I do SHIT did I do something wrong AM I IN TROUBLE.......







melody pov


I was searching for summer when this big man looks at me and then asks my name

I am like dafuq why would he ask my name I am 19 four Pete sake he is I don't know 40.

"what is you're name miss and do you like one direction"

and that question I could answer

" my name is melody and no and don't LIKE one direction

"ok then you need to come with me miss"
"da hell no I am not"

but before I could run away I was dragged to some sort backstage room .

when I was pushed in to the room I saw summer sitting one a couch.


"nothing" summer answered with a shock aspersion

"yeah sure always when we are in trouble you did something"

"well I assure you I didn't do anything this time"

"why are we here then"

"that's the same question I want  to ask Paul"

"who ??"

"the big man that came to get u"

"oo well now I no who to sue"

:no need to sue anyone we ask Paul to get u lovely ladies backstage a funny Irish accent said at the same time summer stud there with a shock yet overly happy face aspersion 



o shit not them......






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