Back stage happing's

Dan Lewis. M.A.D


1. What happens back stage stays back stage

This was on my tumblr but someone reported it! So I have edited it a little so this time it wont get reported!

(YN) pov:

Today's the day I get to see Dan Lewis, Aiden Hancock and Michael Sutthakorn perform on stage! I love them guys, well i love Dan more, he is just so God dam sexy!!

3HR later:

Dan's pov:

''Hey lads did you see that fit girl in the front, i had eye contact the whole time.'' I said

''Yeah we could tell you seemed to like her, if you get me'' Michael said while pointing down to Dan's now tit pants.

''shit i'm going to sort this out, bye'' i said while running off to find that fit lass.



'' Hello there i'm Dan'' i said to the lass

''ermm Dan you have a boner'' she said pointing down.

'' yeah i know, want to help me get rid of it?'' i said trying to sound sexy.

'' Don't mind if i do!'' she said while pushing me into a bathroom.


(YN) pov:

He started to kiss you on your neck as he lifted you on to the sink. you tilted your head back and gave him more space to lay his soft lips. he kissed all over your neck until  he found your hot spot. You moaned softly and scooted closer to him. he grabbed your waist and pulled you closer to him as he could get you, his bulge was massive you could feel it nearly popping out of his pants. You pulled down his pants so he was just in his boxers. He took your top, bra and pants off as well. He started to grind on you slowly and played with your nipples. you moaned and started to sync you grinding with his, creating dry sex. You kissed him seductively and wrapped your legs around him. Dan kissed back the pulled away and  placed you on the bath room floor. he laid you on your back and kissed down you body slowly, only stopping to suck on your boobs and play with belly button. you moaned softly trying to to keep your excitement to your self. Dan smirked and finally reached his destination. he licked his lips and placed his tongue in between your legs and played with your sweet spot. you moaned loudly ad he started swirling his tongue deep inside you. you couldn't take it anymore and came in his moth. he cleaned his mess and came up to kiss you, you bit his lip.


He stared into your eyes for a moment then took off his boxers. Danzilla immediately popped up and he shoved him inside you. you bit your lip really hard, he took long deep slow strokes making sure he hit every wall and made you want him more. you moaned louder with every stroke and you started leaving scratches on his back. he grunted at first then ignored it. he felt you legs start shaking and watched as your facial expression totally changed. you was about to reach your climax for the first time that night. he kept stroking your body slowly and felt the warm gushy fluid flow out of you and onto him. he kissed you and walked out of the bathroom, he left you there.

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