Playground tag

Hi! I'm Hadley. I'm age 19 and play competitive softball. My sister Jennifer is 21 and has a daughter that is 3 and her name is Emily .I'm going to take my niece to the playground today. She said they just added swings and a big swirly slide and she hasn't been to the new parts. I told her that I had softball practice later that day so I would take her earlier. She thought it was a good idea. What I haven't told her yet is that 5 hot boys always hang out together there. What will happen when Hadley plays tag with her niece and the 5 boys join. What will happen if she gets hurt or pulled on to fast? To find out read my movella playground tag.


4. Emily and lads

So what do u know he is still behind me but further enough so no One with suspect anything. I reach Emily and she looks a little scared. I ask her what happened and she says that she missed me and wanted me to never leave her like that again. I agreed. I told Emily that I had people for her to meet and she liked the sound of that. I wink at Harry in signal of I'm ready to meet the lads. Harry comes close to us and I tell Emily that this is Harry  and Harry this is Emily. Harry then picks up my Emily and carried her over to the lads that I will meet. Emily this is louis Niall zayn and Liam. Hadley this is louis Niall zayn and Liam. "Nice to meet u"I say and Emily just smiles. We all Talk and get to know each other  except Emily. She is asleep in Harry's arms. I have now lost track of time and decide to look at my phone for the time. It is now 4:45. I am glad that it isn't 5 yet because I would I had to say goodbye . We just talk and me and Harry are In a deep conversation too.  I tell him about softball and then ask him what sports he play because is pretty muscular. He says he plays a little football (soccer). Well now it's 5 and I tell him that I would like to chat more but I have practice. "U can come and watch if u would like"

I say and he replies with "I can if u want me too and the lads can come with right" "yea they can" we head to the bathroom so i can change into my softball clothes. They wait for me outside and when I come out Harry grabs my hand and I jump a little. He try's to pull his hand out them but I just tighten my grip. He seems satisfied. 


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